Marta’s Brazilian Bombshell – Jac Goes Rio – Latina Fashion

The Doll Whisperer Does it Again

Today Marta of the Doll Whisperer puts up a gorgeous Brazilian Jac [2004/LE1000 Tonner Doll Company] wearing Brazilian Bombshell [2005/LE1000 Effanbee Doll]. Do take a look at the post The Doll Whisperer: Brazilian Bombshell  to see the capture of costume detail, inspiring photography. Marta is one of the best Tonner doll photography bloggers out there, you can always see something lovely, click back through her posts and see it.

A Latina/Hispanic Doll?

This trip down to Brazil reminds me of discussions we’ve been having with some of our collectors about the need for a Latina/Hispanic fashion doll. One of the great things about social media is that we can be more in touch with our fans and collectors from around the world and we’ve been hearing that this would be nice. Suggestions have been pouring in for the idea and it is certainly something we are thinking about. If you have ideas or inspirations please do leave them in comments here below, or send them to me at . Right now we are just gathering beginning ideas, and nothing can be promised because doll production choice is a complex process, but it is always great to hear from our collectors.

* Latina/Hispanic is used here because in some language contexts “Latin” is used to describe Italian I am told, and in English even there is some ambiguity.

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