Blog Adventures with Yoshio from Freedom for Fashion

Miladyblue in Comparisons and Surprises muses about whether there are some subtle differences in the sculpt between Basic Yoshio and Hogyo Yoshio- Robert tells us that it is only an illusion! showing the power of face paint – while below Tamara in Mexico in her Mildendo Magazine – freshly back from vacation – among the new furniture offerings shows off an “unofficial” picture of a beautifully crafted bow and arrow. Maybe Miladyblue’s Katris would do well with a noble bow pictured below with Basic Yoshio? Two great Tonner Doll blogs, definitely follow them. Our Freedom for Fashion line is here if you want to take a look.

2 responses to “Blog Adventures with Yoshio from Freedom for Fashion

  1. I did a short series last November called “Same sculpt, different doll,” where I was marvelling at how odd it is that I am collecting multiples of the same sculpt, because they seemed like completely different dolls.

    One of my all time favorite Tonner sculpts is Angelina, and I am also a BIG fan of raven haired dolls. Out of nine Angelinas, four are ravens, and they are distinctly different dolls.

    Tamara’s bow looks wonderful!

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