Collector Highlight – Erika from the Czech Republic – International Tonner

Erika with her collection in Exhibition

If you recall, we first heard about Erika when we discovered Tamara in Mexico Tonner Doll in Mexico…and Beyond – social media journeys. Remarkably, Tamara not only let us know about a Tonner doll community of collectors in Mexico city, she also made us aware of a very passionate and creative group of collectors in her native Czech Republic. She told us about the very beginnings of this group, and how Erika almost single-handedly ushered in a Tonner devotion there. Her English skills were instrumental in ordering the first dolls for many collectors! All in all a fantastic group of Tonner fans.

Erika and Tamara together

So we were very, very pleased to hear from Erika herself, who tells us her story. Hope you love it as much as we do!

My name is Erika Holubova and I’m from the Czech republic, in the middle of Europe. My love for dolls comes from my childhood when I sewed, crocheted and knitted for all my dolls more than I played with them. I didn’t have any fashion dolls, they weren’t in our market. Incredible but it was true. After a velvet revolution in our country, we finally could buy Barbie and Ken here and it was a great opportunity for me to start create for fashion dolls. And I also had a good reason, I had a small daughter, so from 1990 I created clothes for her Barbie. Then I continued with sewing for all my friend’s daughter dolls and after several years I have found out that girls grew up and I sew and knit for my own dolls. I realized that I need to create for dolls, I cannot imagine not doing it.

My passion for Tonner dolls started in 2005 when I discovered them on Internet. It was love for the first sight. I wanted them. All. But how? In our republic there wasn’t any shop or internet shop so I tried to buy it after a consultation with Denisa ( who was probably first woman here who bought a Tonner doll (I don´t know it exactly, we didn´t have any community here yet). My first dolls (Esmé and Tyler) I ordered with Tamara from Mexico and after unwrapping the paper I was like…. Alice in Wonderland. I couldn’t believe that I held these dolls in my hands, it was an amazing moment in my life.

Now I have about 250 Barbie or Fashion Royalty dolls and about 40 Tonner dolls and create for them everything what I’m able to do. Clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, accessories, furniture, miniature food, perfumes …. I have built several scenes where I copied the real life, for Tonner dolls – Christmas and Easter celebration or Jazz bar, for Barbie or Fashion Royalty dolls – Bedroom, Happy Birthday! or Sweetshop. Last 5 years I showed my dolls and creations on exhibitions in museums around the Czech republic and they are very successful.

Everything what I do with dolls I can do because of a big support of my family. My husband understands my passion, he knows that I cannot live without dolls and he respect my hobby. Also our two children, I´m grateful for it. One room in your flat we reconstructed to my workroom and there I spend a lot of my free time with my dolls.

…I have my web site There are all my creations and the pages are big… more… huge 🙂 I´m sure that it is the biggest site about creation for dolls in our country. I programm my web pages myself, I learnt it in 2004 due to dolls. I wanted to show to everybody that dolls can be a great hobby for skilful people. I like this combination of various activities, I sew, crochet and knit clothes, I felt hats, I work with wood, I make jewellery from beads and wires, I make miniature food from Fimo…. everything is interesting for me and I have never bored in my life. It is only in Czech because of their size but on the first page I installed Google translate and you would be able to change language. I have tried it, it works but not everything is perfect.

I don’t have any blog, I only have Facebook and a Flickr profile.

Most recent creation: Red Snowflake
White Widow
Mini Cake
Erika and her dolls in Exhibition


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