Boots in the Philippines is Swept up By our Tonner “Fire of Atlanta” Scarlett O’Hara

Our Tonner Collector friend Boots in the Philippines takes a look at our Fire in Atlanta Scarlett. One of the devoted Windies, we always love seeing the passion and details he puts into his collections and his photographs. If you don’t know Boots yet or his blog, we did a highlight of him not too long ago Meet our Tonner Collector Boots of the Philippines – Profile Pic of the Week  – he of the famed “Breakfast” repaint that has gotten so much comment.


…Tonner did well with this robe. The lace on the sleeves as well as the collar are in scale in detail, and so are the buttons (like sharp 1/4 red beads). The train is sufficient and is not as long as the red velvet creation. It is the velvet that brings the fire into the creation. Soft and thin, it drapes well when the doll stands. The black sash becomes a ribbon at the back and which can be unfastened with a clip. The doll is inserted into the dress with front opening. That black sash also is held by red string on the sides like the grooves into which a belt enters. This sash goes under the velvet at the back (I surmise the cape or what I have come to know as the watteau train (thank you Fran). Also described as a train falling from the shoulder blades to the hemline of the gown…

Read the rest of his thoughts here:  soultalk777- A Scarlett Reverie.


And in email Boots says:

“All of us Windies agree! The Fire in Atlanta is the best face paint ever done on your Tonner Scarlett!! The flesh tone under the eyes is perfect. It softens the eyes. We also noticed that the lip paint is just right to leave the Scarlett pout. As one member of the Scarlett Yahoo group puts it: captures the spirit of the scene.
Great to hear such feedback from the Scarlett Yahoo group!
Fire of Atlanta can be found here in our Gone With the Wind Collection


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