Adding Tonner as a Barbie Collector – Darla’s Very Very First Tonner Doll

Darla’s Letter

Finally, the anticipation is over! I received my doll yesterday. Just because I felt the need to stretch it out I decided to make myself wait even longer to open her while my husband and I did some errands.

I have been a huge Barbie fan for many years (7, 8?). My collection finally grew out of control so I de-boxed around 500 dolls. Honestly I have no idea how many dolls I have because my doll room has been under construction for over 2 years and I don’t keep an inventory. I just keep piling them higher and higher, to the point it was no longer any fun (My dad retired from the FBI 2 years ago and my parents having been storing stuff at my house while they hit the road to determine if they wanted to be full-time RV peeps – thus the lack of room).

It took my husband and me weeks to get the dolls de-boxed! The garbage man probably wondered what toy store we robbed. J Having never seen any other dolls besides Mattel IRL, and being a huge obsessive brand girl, I really never thought about straying. It really felt like it would be cheating and bring bad dolly karma. Crazy I know!

The last few years I have become obsessed with clothes. I have a few dolls that are my favorite “play” dolls and I constantly change their outfits. Ebay, Dressmaker Details, Mattel, commissions, wherever I can get clothes I do. As you know, Mattel isn’t a big maker of collector clothing.

So long story short, I have been thinking about trying something new for awhile. Since I am in social media I expect brands to tweet people. I can honestly say from a customer perspective you guys rocked it. Your tweeting made me take the leap. You called me by name, wow! I’m not just a number. How cool was that? You also helped me find what I might like. Even cooler! Kudos, kudos, kudos!

I love Picturesque. When I opened her I really was speechless. I can not even describe how she made me feel. She is everything I could want in a doll. Her face paint is out of this world. She really draws you in! Her gown is incredible. I love fancy but simple, flowing gowns. They just mold to the doll and always look so fairytale like…

…You have a fan for life! I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my way to your line. I sold a few things and happened to have some extra money so I purchased Chrys, Fanfare and several fashions (Up & Out, On a Whim, Sweeping, 80 – bummed I missed Hitting Midnight). I love you guys and will be an avid supporter of Tonner going forward.

…Again, LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE my doll and fashion!


And then the cats come out after the official deboxing (below)! And Darla just loves her. We thought this was pretty sweet, a little behind the scenes of after the review.


Finding Each Other

One of the exciting things about the new social media world is that we can really get to know our fans and collectors in a completely new way. Not only are we discovering entire collector communities other parts of the world, we are finding such wonderful people right hear. One such amazing force of joy is Darla who we only met perhaps a week ago on Twitter – for those that don’t use Twitter yet, it is a pretty amazing way to meet people with common interests in a very friendly environment. Meeting Darla this week has been a true blessing for us at Tonner offices.

As she explains above, she is a long time collector of Barbie, and ONLY Barbie. When we met on Twitter it wasn’t long before we realized that because she loves the fashion so much she might really appreciate Tonner dolls too. A lot our collectors began with Barbie, but until you get your very first Tonner fashion doll there just is no way of knowing how much the two relate, that if you love Barbie you will probably REALLY love Tonner Doll.

So it was with great anticipation that we all waited along with Darla as her very first Antoinette was being shipped. Was she going to love her! Would the difference be too much, she was worried? Back and forth we chatted on Twitter and email. Very exciting stuff, honestly. The wonderful thing is that Darla filmed for us the first moment when Antoinette came out so we could all share it. It really is a beautiful thing to see! She’s so funny, she actually made herself wait a bit after the package arrived, making it just like Christmas.

Darla's tweet we all were waiting for

We’d love to hear more about your own first Tonner Doll experiences. And if you’d like to share video with us of you and your dolls for our YouTube we’d be very happy to have them to share with others.

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