Child Dolls Category Added to Doll Duels – Betsy McCall – And Wizard of Oz

Roberta's Ann Estelle on Doll Duels (click to see)

A Little Category Straightening

As we always mention we are ever fine-tuning Doll Duels and listening to your comments. One of the big things people were noticing was that Betsy McCall wasn’t in the proper place – somehow she got put under Movie Personalities for some reason in the book keeping, which of course she’s not. The same folks were noticing that there was no Child Doll category. So this week we finally got caught up and created a proper place for Betsy McCall.

There is now a Child Dolls parent category with two selections. You can submit Betsy McCall dolls under Betsy McCall and you can also submit all other Tonner Company child dolls under Child Doll other. One of the great things about Doll Duels is how the diversity of Tonner Doll gets representation. It would be great to see more of the Child Doll categories: Ann Estelle family dolls, Baby Button Nose dolls, Child Jane (club doll), Patsy family dolls, Mrs. Willoughby’s First Grade Class dolls, Kickits dolls are some examples. Just jump right in and submit them here.

A special thanks to Roberta who in email helped with this suggestion.

Betsy McCall

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Child Doll Other

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Making a Separate Category – Wizard of Oz

Another thing that wasn’t quite right was that the Wizard of Oz was not getting a uniform designation. Properly it should be in Re-Imagination for which there is a category; Re-Imagination. But there were also calls for it to be independently categorized as people were uploading it naturally to Movie Inspired Other. There are such strongly themed connotations of Robert’s Wizard of Oz Dolls it seemed best to put them there because that is the natural place where people have wanted to put them.

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Of course we are always open to suggestions, feel free to email me, Kevin, at

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