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Before I leave on vacation…(yes-no blog for 2 weeks!) — I want to show you another Doll Hospital case that most others would have turned away. This doll arrived with so much composition missing, and in such bad shape–I did tell the owner she may really be too far gone. This was the owners doll and I saw her face drop…..I kept thinking “here I go again…taking in these impossible jobs that are so much work…may never look the same….and the repairs may exceed the value of the doll”. But then–as I looked at that poor doll and owner…felt this twinge in my heart- my mouth said “Oh she is in really bad shape…will take plenty of time….but ..I may be able to do something” I don’t know why that always happens–but I just feel like I am the last hope. Now…usually I finish a doll and have before/after pics that I am proud of before I actually blog about them. This time I am taking a big chance!! I am going to show you the before pics…show you some of the beginning reconstructive filling process–then I will start on the massive restoration when I return. So…here you go. The first few pics are when she arrived…the last are after I plugged various holes and cracks with different fillers. Depending on size and width of missing compo…different fillers are used. I sure hope this ends up being a success story…stay tuned..

Composition with gaping wounds

Even her teeth and tongue are missing!

Oh Boy…….