What is a plangonologist?


Chances are good that if you are reading this blog, then you are one!

What do you think a plangonologist collects?   Dolls. In ancient Greek theater, women were not allowed to perform any roles. A wax doll “plaggon” was used in their stead. The “double gamma” has an “ng” sound, so the word became “plangon.” Another word which has the same change is “aggelos” which is “angel” in English. Now as to when “plangonologist” was first used — it has not made the OED yet, which means it is not found in any editions of the London Times at all. Still, it is defined as “doll collector” on over a hundred sites now. (see the page where I found this information)

When I first started writing this blog series, I explained that a “collection” was if you had three of something and I stick by that definition.  Though I am betting there are people out there that don’t think that’s necessarily so – and therefore wouldn’t call themselves a plangonologist. And how do you even say that word anyway??  🙂 (Special thanks to Melanie, a Tonner staff member, for finding this word.)

We are looking forward to seeing all you plangonologists at convention May 17-20.  There are still a few spots available if you haven’t signed up yet.  Here is the link – TONNER CONVENTION

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8 responses to “What is a plangonologist?

  1. Great post! I never heard that word before, try saying plangonologist three times fast!
    Proud to be one! It makes doll collecting sound more scientific don’t you think?? 🙂

  2. Well, I am firmly in the definition of plangonologist, if we go by your description of three or more of something.

    I just took delivery of Tonner doll # 117 a couple of days ago. So I meet that definition several times over!

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