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Ready for a little something different this week?? Well I sure hope so. Although I am usually elbow deep in the Doll Hospital aspect of what we do here….there is a whole other world right through one door!! Yes…The Tonner Company Store!! Now I know what some of you are thinking……”it’s a lot like Bigfoot – some locals admit to seeing it–but you are not convinced it’s real” Well…here comes your inside peek along with some special insight into the staff too. Of course I wish everyone would have the chance to stop in….but for those who have not….I will always keep you updated…

The Tonner Company Store
A little crowd at the Tonner Company Store!

This was one of the special days here at the Store. When we have events here…collectors and friends will come from great distances….so nice to meet them! I always wish I had a bit more time with each and every one. The store is actually so beautiful…it’s almost surreal. So much thought went into the design….


As you can see….we really do work in a gorgeous place….come in a bit closer and you will meet Jennifer B.  she’s the one who helps you out when you have a question! We do seem to laugh plenty though….

As you can see….we really do believe in the “Power of Play” Jenn always does her very best–with a big smile on her face. Between the two of us we hope to keep our guests here happy. One of our regulars is Michael…an avid collector and fashion doll photographer…….notice he’s smiling too

Some of our locals will make sure to stop in every week just to see what’s new….and of course to visit with me…Doll Doc Noreen

Dr. Noreen is out of the O.R.!!

 I know what you are thinking now…..OMG…I feel like I am there. Well–this is what we want you to feel.


Although next weeks blog may be back in the Doll Hospital–I want you to know I would love to discuss the Doll Topics that interest my followers. Please feel free to comment…tell me about your collection and even ask me questions. At some point I will probably start to showcase some of my own special dolls!! Well I hope you enjoyed this little visit in Roberts Company Store here in Kingston, NY…

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12 responses to “Visit the Tonner Company Store – My Life as a Doll Doctor

  1. Thank you so much! I was so glad to have a tour of the store as I don’t expect to be able to go any time soon. As a fashion doll maniac, I would just love to have the opportunity one day, so your blog entry was the next best thing. Thanks!
    Dr. Noreen, I has a serious mishap yesterday. One of my cherished resin BJD, a 65cm male dollfie’s thumb broke off. and It’s all my fault, I can’t blame anyone else. I forced a little too much to put a cell phone in his hand and weakened his thumb, and then, as he was “standing” next to a table, I passed too close and he lost balance, falling down along with my Dollmore 68cm Model – All to the horror of my Tonner dolls right next to them! Elektra and my Goth American Model tried to help, but in vain. Luckily, my Model doll wasn’t injured, but he lost his thumb. Well I’m dramatizing, but still, I am really sad to have this thumbless male (the only one in my large sized BJDs). Can you recommend what I should use to glue it back on? Thank you once again.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Oh dear….not to worry!! As you know resin is a type of plastic…so any good glue for plastics will work. I happen to also collect those full size SD boys…and have an extra pair of Lut’s or Dollmore hands. If you do not have luck with the regular model glue…let me know. My BJD’s are all in the normal skintone…no white or pale.
      Also….if anyone needs to email me directly I can always be reached at
      I plan on blogging next week about my collection…so perhaps you may see some wonderful BJD’S!!
      Thanks so much for following….I love to talk dolls!

  2. Love seeing the store with all the lovelies displayed like fine china in a wedding registry.
    One question though, does anybody but me think the saddle stands showing over pants and undies look a bit ummm. Weird? The waist pinching stands arent always great either with full skirts getting bunched up or over clothes without waists. But that saddle stand isnt exactly modest. And no i havent figured out a good answer either, except perhaps saddle stands for dresses and armpit stands for dolls in trousers?

    1. Hi Frankie,
      Thanks so much for liking our displays! I never did notice….but I just took a walk around the store and we do have a few in slacks using the saddle stands. I agree…they look much better under the dresses. I remember when we used the “pole only” stands for awhile–but I think I was one of the few who actually liked those. I did notice that we are starting to use the waist gripper types more and more…so that may work for your gals in slacks. I may just have to go around and swap out some stands…tee-hee… Keep those comments coming as I love to hear…plus it may give us some ideas in the future..hint-hint

  3. Absolutely a fine art gallery! All the cases so beautifully arranged with each fascinating and detailed character. It’s wonderful to get an inside look. . . Vicarious tourism!!

  4. What a beautiful presentation of my favorite store! It really captures the feeling of it! It is much more like being in a beautiful gallery than in a store. What you really can’t appreciate is the lovely painted clouds that adorn the ceiling. It really reinforces the feeling that you are in doll “heaven”! Can’t wait for my next visit! 🙂

  5. Hi Noreen,
    Thanks for sharing your blog and the great pictures of the store. It was so fantastic to see the set up. And I do agree with Shannon that it does look like a museum gallery.
    I guess you do all of your surgeries and fantastic doll repair in the back. I know for sure, that you are one doctor that hasn’t lost a patient yet!!
    Hugs and all the best!!

    1. Hi Barbara!!
      I am so thrilled you have read the blog…hope all is well and perhaps we will see each other soon. You may see may of your products in the doll hospital pics in the back!!

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