Traveling…. and Flights of Fancy


Since convention is only a short 7 weeks away, and the theme is Flights of Fancy,  I thought I’d blog about travel this week.  We all go to shows, convention, vacations, etc., and getting there is half the battle!

There really is no secret to the best way to find travel deals.  I’ve used them all:  Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, Orbitz, Hotwire, and all the separate airline websites for flights.  So far, in the 15 years I’ve been booking travel for Tonner Doll, Expedia is the site I always end up at.  I find that flights are easy to find (except for Southwest that no longer participates with the site).  You can sort the list by arrival time, departure time, cost, or length of travel time. This helps considerably when you have 15 people to get out and back from convention  🙂

Airline travel brings up another issue with traveling – flying and the fear and loathing of!  Personally, I don’t like flying.  Mind you, it has never kept me from getting somewhere, but I am not one bit happy about having to do it. First, you have the crowded airports and the fun experience of going through security (trust me, I don’t complain about the security as the alternative would be bad).

Then you have the actual experience of being on the airplane.  My ears bother me, my stomach bothers me, and let’s talk about the seats.  Could they be any smaller???  or more uncomfortable??  I know that I’m not the only one that feels this way.   How about the person that’s sitting next to you that takes over the entire arm rest between you??  Have you ever heard anyone getting off a crowded plane talk about how fun it was?  I think not!  🙂

Here’s some helpful tips I use to get through the wonderful experience that is flying:

  • When going through security, always try to wear shoes that don’t need to be tied
  • wear as little jewelry as possible.
  • Put all your carry on liquids in a plastic baggie – somehow, this is one of the things I’ve seen many times that people forget to do most often and then they get stuck at security
  • Don’t pack anything in your checkin luggage that you can’t do without – like medication or perhaps makeup 🙂  If it gets lost, you can always buy new clothes  🙂
  • If your ears bother you during flight, buy yourself a pair of EarPlanes at the airport.  They are inexpensive but will definitely help.
  • I always travel with a box of GinGins candy – ginger candy that will save you from having an upset stomach.

I’m sure you all have ways to get through the fun of travel.  We’d love it if you shared with all of us!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!  And I hope we see you at convention!


4 responses to “Traveling…. and Flights of Fancy

  1. Let’s not forget that you need to choose the clothes in which you fly carefully.

    I’ve been frisked because;
    – of a “flowing skirt” — maxi dress that was so thin you couldn’t hide red underwear under it…

    – because my blouse had a zipper closure instead of buttons. Despite the princess seams and the thin cotton fabric, security deemed it bulky. Had I been wearing a really nice bra I might have been tempted to take it off and prove that it was a shirt and not a coat.

    Now I travel in jeggings and a tee shirt, layered with a jacket or sweater, and a pashmina scarf. The scarf can keep me warm, be rolled up as a neck roll, or wrapped around your head if the person next to you smells funny.

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