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For those of you who have been following us on Twitter #dollchat you know that Sheilah – who is one of the biggest most joyful Cami lovers our there – had been waiting impatiently for her Cami Halloween Convention Knave of Hearts to arrive. Last night she snapped a pic of the darker cousin of her Cythna, putting her to bed. And today she followed up with a fantastic introduction. We just love the daily blogging of Tonners. Congratulations Sheilah on your new Cami!


My beloved and beautiful cousin is home with me, and after her long and arduous journey is sleeping.  You will formally meet her tomorrow morning!  For now here is a quick picture of out sleeping beauty!  She does look like Snow White, actually, but you get the idea!

And then

After a long journey, I arrived at my new home on the evening of November 21, 2011, to join my lovely cousin, Cythna, whom you know well.  Having arrived rather late in the afternoon, and quite exhausted from the last portion of my journey–in a crowded, bumping, brown van–Cythna recognized instantly that I was in dire need of a hot bath, nightgown, and a night’s sleep.  Hence, I arise this beautiful yet rain-drenched morning to introduce myself to you, my new online friends.

I was born in Wales 16 years ago, and lived there until I left for America to join my cousin Cythna.  Wales is a wondrous country, with exquisite history, landscapes, and culture.  Yes, the weather is often rainy, though that is not nearly as dreary as some people might imagine.  I find such a climate rather enchanting and Romantic, as well as reminiscent of the settings of many great works of literature–you know, quite Gothic.  Wales certainly suits itself to a Gothic novel, what with the ancient castles, royal connections, lore, and frequent rain.

find her blog here, and follow the rest of the story and beautiful pics there: Cythna’s Introspections


For those who might be smitten by Knave of Hearts Cami too, she is still available here: Cami, Knave of Hearts. But there are only TWO left.

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