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This week’s blog is not usual.  I had several things doll related that I wanted to talk about, so I said to myself, “Self!” (I know, very old joke) “Self! Just talk about all the things in one blog!” So that’s what I’m doing. Also, it’s in honor of a great local musician that passed away last week, Levon Helm.  He held rambles in Woodstock almost every weekend and you never knew who was going to turn up to join him on stage.  So, Levon, this one’s for you!

First, have to tell you about my latest vintage doll acquisition.  I the late 60’s, there was a really cheesy show on TV which of course I LOVED!  It was called “The Flying Nun”.  Those of you similar in age, will know the show well.  And those of you that are younger, need to look up reruns on You Tube 🙂  It was the story of a pretty young girl (Sally Field) who joined a Catholic Convent to become a nun.  It was set in San Juan – and due to the fact that she was so petite and that the hats they wore were so heavily starched, that the winds would take her flying.  (check out the expedia listing)  At that time Hasbro came out with a cute little Dolly Darling version of The Flying Nun.  I have always wanted one.  And now, thanks to Ebay, I have a NRFB amazing example of the doll.  She is my new favorite vintage doll in my collection  🙂  Here she is.  Isn’t she adorable??

Next ramble is about a friend’s new blog.  Her name is Kristy Samone.  She is an Emmy Award nominee.  We met when Robert Tonner dressed her for the Emmy ceremonies last year.  She is now also a blogger.  About fashion!  Here is her blog about that experience.  Click Here  Please take a minute and visit her blog.

Lastly, Tonner convention is only 3 weeks away!  Can’t believe how fast it got here.  If you haven’t registered yet, we do still have some spots available.  Come join the fun – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!



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