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In addition to the resources I discussed last week, there are three more places you can get info on dolls;  Doll museums, Doll clubs and Doll shows.

I have found a great list of doll museums and doll shops at this site –  Try this link: Doll Shops and Museums ( If you have any to add to this list it would be great to hear from you.)  Museums can be a great place for information.  Most times they have the company information as well as the doll information available for both vintage and modern dolls.  Also, many doll shops are great for making a connection with knowledgeable collectors who are now business owners.   I find that most collectors are more than eager to share their knowledge which is part of why this hobby is so enjoyable!

With the advent of EBAY and  other online auction and sale sites, the number of doll shows has decreased.  But there are still a lot of them available Click here for a great list of events and shows around the country:  Doll Shows  Many times shows will also have seminars and workshops to help collectors on their way.  Shows are also a great way to see the dolls in person which is something I do miss when buying online. I miss the ability to see the dolls up close and to talk to the person selling them and get info you possibly didn’t have before.   When it comes to shows, they may be very specific: ie a Barbie Show, a Black Doll Show, a Child Doll Show, a Fashion Doll Show, etc.  It gives you the opportunity to go to a show that has dolls that you specifically collect.

I can even sometimes get my husband to join me on my hunt if it’s a Doll & Toy show.  He gets to find his 1950’s robots, and I get to find my dolls.  As a matter of fact, that’s how he got into collecting his robots.  I love it when a plan comes together!  🙂

UFDC Regional Map - see what area you are in

Another great way to get information and share information are doll clubs.  You may belong to one, or two or more.  And the information you can get from fellow collectors in a club setting is amazing.  Of course, one of the biggest clubs if UFDC – United Federation of Doll Clubs.  A few of the benefits that UFDC lists are:

  • • Entry to the world of doll collecting, doll dressing and doll making
  • • Subscription to the highly regarded DOLL NEWS magazine
  • • Educational products and publications for home study and enjoyment

When you belong to a UFDC affiliated club, you have all these benefits and more.

There are also local clubs and specialized clubs that are great to join.  Here’s a site that has just some of the listing of doll clubs by state:  Doll Clubs  I would encourage any doll club member to make sure you club is publicized on these free listings.  You can never have it in too many places.  If you can’t find a club that specializes in what you collect, why not start a club yourself!  If similar minded collectors are not in your area, you can always have a virtual club.  (the wonders of the internet 🙂 )

No matter how you get your information, it’s great to keep informed and up to date with dolly news.

Next Week:  Doll Magazines and newspapers.

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