My Life as a Doll Doctor – How it all started PART 2





I have to thank all those collectors who called wanting more of what got me started in this life of Doll Doctoring. I was a bit surprised about how many memories were conjured up by collectors (and myself) after reading part one of my blog..and hope to once again bring you back to that time when we were all children. As a child, I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys..(which definitely had it’s advantages when I became a teenager)..but was not doll friendly as a child. Having only brothers…you can see why that “Charm School” I mentioned in Part 1 was a requirement by my mother. To play in the neighborhood….I learned to climb trees, catch frogs, play soldiers and to this day…give me a mepps lure and a great steam and I will catch you a trout to be proud of. I agree….not too girley–but perhaps these last 20 years playing with dolls is my way of catching up. You see….as a child– those boys would not play dolls with me so in order to fit in…I learned to be tough. I only remember receiving 3 new dolls as a child. The first one was a big baby–and I even let that Scary Santa pick me up to get it!!

Thanks for the put me DOWN!

My second new doll was a Tiny Tears–who had lovely curly hair until my brother Jeffrey scissored it all off (where the heck was Mom or Dad when he was doing that!!) Then to my surprise–one Christmas I received my Mattel Scooba-Do the Hippie doll. In those days….they were referred to as “Beat-Niks”…not Hippies–so once again I may be giving away my age here. Of course–same neighborhood and no girls….so on I went with the scraped knees, bee stings, and even blisters from climbing so many trees. After the second time in the emergency room getting stitches….my Mom decided it was  finally time to sign me up for “Charm School” . Yes….there is such a thing and to me…it’s still pretty funny. To this day I can walk around with a book on my head….I learned to sit (like a Lady of course) and I can set a table that would make Martha Stewart jealous!! Honestly…even at the age of 11…..I saw the humor in things. It must have paid off…as before coming to Tonner Doll–I was a Fitness Boxing instructor at Gold’s Gym and my dainty little pets are Two Doberman Pinschers!!


Now friends…you can see how my Life as a Doll-Doc all began……they say you are the sum of your experiences so I give thanks to Mom, Dad, my brothers…(yes Jeff even you), and all those people who touched my life in some way…..I wouldn’t change a single thing!!

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