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Growing the Tonner Family

One of the things we’ve being bringing to Tonner Doll is getting to know our great collectors, and sharing their work and lives with you through this blog. A great benefit of this has been that we’ve all become more aware of whole communities of passionate people who collect and love Tonner Doll. And one of the most inspiring have been our Czech Republic collectors, one of whom is Erika Holubova who we already have profiled here: Erika’s collecting . We’ve asked Erika to tell us about other collectors in this community, and she was so kind to have her good friend Denisa send us a little bit on herself and her work. Denisa Molitorisova may have been the very first collector of Tonner Doll in the Czech Republic, and instrumental of Tonner love there, a fascinating story we began uncovering with Tamara of Mexico City. If any of our International collectors would like to share their communities with us, please do! In the meantime enjoy Denise’s story.

Meet Denisa:

I always loved costumes – movie costumes, period costumes, traditional costumes of Europe and Asia. So, when Barbie dolls came to Czech Republic after the Velvet revolution, I immediately got one of the blonde dolls, and she became my first mannequin. Much later I found out via internet, that there existed other fashion dolls, like Gene, Alex or Tyler, and that was possible to CUSTOMIZE them.

My family thought I am crazy – an adult woman, „playing“ with dolls! But they got used for it, and now they support me and even help me sometimes. I underwent nerve-wracking process to buy these dolls on e-bay. My Sydney was one of first, maybe the first Tonner doll here. I had to learn many things – not only how to customize the doll, but also how to sew the costume looking good and naturally on on the respective doll and at the same time to be as accurate as possible to period or the movie. Internet helped greatly with my research, and I met virtually many of nice, interesting and skillful people – doll collectors, customizers, costume fans and so on. Some of them I met later personally, and some of them became my friends – like Erika, Tamara, and many others. Czech ladies (and some gentlemen too) were quite shy at first (they had problem to say in toy store, that they buy the doll for themselves, not for their daughter or niece), but now the „dolling base“ is numerous and strong, and we enjoy our hobby openly .

When I see a costume I really, really like, I do thorough research and collect all materials about it, then find the „right“ doll, all fabrics, that might be useful, supplies and so the adventure begins…..

Well, I usually do not repaint bigger fashion dolls – they are pretty as they were made in the factory, but sometimes I feel I have to do it.

Visit Denisa

Be sure to visit Denise’s fantastic site its available in English – and if you love her work be sure to let her know in comment below!

6 responses to “Meet Collector Denisa from The Czech Republic – International Tonner

    1. Hi Erika!

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Denisa’s costumes sure are terrific! She really is a true talent! It is really rewarding for us when we discover such a talented collector, and we want to share that talent so it inspires others. Thanks again for commenting, and reading our blog!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

    1. Hi Barb!

      We couldn’t agree more, that Denisa is uber talented! Thank you for reading the blog post, and for taking the time to leave a comment!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

  1. Hi Denisa,
    I discovered your wonderful website some time ago and visited it many times since. I’m happy to have a chance to say thank you for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration!

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