The Life of a Collection

Part of my office collection



Happy Tuesday everyone! As promised, here is my next blog post about collecting. The Life of a Collection.

If you’ve been a collector for a while, then you know that collections come in waves. You may start out collecting one type of doll, then see something else that catches your eye. So you sell off part of your current collection, to buy the new love of your life. You buy the new items, then sell even more of your last collection and buy more of the new collection. And through the life of your collecting, you may go through this process several times, even MANY times. I know i sure have. I started out with Saucy Walkers, then started in on Play Pal dolls, so i sold some of my walked to buy them. Then decided they were too big to keep going, so i sold the Play Pals, and started with smaller Cosmopolitan Gingers. They eventually gave way to any purple haired dolls (yes, they do exist – see the photo above). And now those have gone off to other homes and I went back to Ginger and added Pam.

Everything has a life span – even collections. So if you find yourself changing what you collect, don’t feel like you betrayed your current love. Just look at it as sharing your love with new families, and adopting a new love yourself!

Next week, I’ll be blogging about my best Christmas dolly memory.

Happy Collecting!

PS. Speaking of collecting – I have a dear friend on the west coast that has a collection of another kind. Her name is Marci and she and her husband collect animals – kind of. They have a rescue farm where they rescue donkeys mostly, but also have all kinds of other animals that they save. If you’d like to read her blog, click here.

They run their rescue center on donations. Even if it’s only a few dollars, please think about donating. Thank you!

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