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Oh my gosh….it seems like weeks since I last blogged….(actually it has been weeks!) To keep you up to date….I have been swamped with patients all eagerly waiting to be finished so they can be part of the Holiday Festivities. I now have most of them out of surgery and in recovery as we speak. It won’t be long before the last of them are finished. So glad –as my doll hospital is an absolute mess!! Not that I am a particularity organized person to begin with…but this is starting to make me crazy. I have had to keep out so many glues, brushes, cleaners,  paints and fillers to keep the line of patients moving…that I now look around this mess and gasp. What the heck happened here…I ask???? I just hope when all these patients are home and happy….I can still remember where things go. I keep thinking of the “Buried Alive” hoarding shows and pray that nobody feels an intervention is necessary here.

Do you have Questions?

Anyway….I have included a little video for your viewing pleasure!! In time for our next blog (above)….I thought some questions from readers would be nice! Rather than have me answer one question at a time via my email–anyone who wonders what to use for this…or how to glue that etc….please email those questions directly to me at  and include “Dr. Noreen Questions” in the subject line. I will then post them….(and hopefully the answers) on the next blog….also–this will give readers a chance to offer answers too. How fun that will be!! We can share solutions for not only repairing those old and vintage dolls…but also offer help on the new ones too.


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4 responses to “Latest From the Doll Hospital – My Life as a Doll Doctor

    1. Lol….then I am really, really sane! I hope to get this really tidy by the New Year.
      Perhaps I should make it my New Years resolution…..well…maybe not!
      Thanks for following my blogs!!

  1. Noreen, so much fun to get the tour of your hospital and the walk through the store. I live out west and never get to your part of the country, so it was a real treat to get to see everything.
    I’ll be with everybody in spirit at the warehouse sale on Saturday!

    1. Thanks Peggy! I plan on another little video of this gorgeous store as we have just finished decorating for the Holidays…..stay tuned and thanks for checking out my blog posts. Also–remember….I am taking all sorts of doll hospital and doll repair questions so feel free to email them to and put questions in the subject line.

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