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This week’s blog is a tech related topic  – Pinterest.  Pinterest.com is rising to the top of the 10 most visited social networks on the web.  It is beginning to rival Facebook in number of users and it is the latest in the social media craze.  It’s a bookmarking network and to explain it better than I could, here a quote from the website Bizcommunity.com:

What is Pinterest?

The concept behind the image-based platform is simple enough: users create and name boards of anything they like and post relevant photos on corresponding boards, while sorting them under a number of defined categories. Pinterest allows you to pin various items onto your pinboard, where the “pins” are images and videos collected from anywhere on the web. For ease of use, you can download a browser extension which allows you to quickly pin anything you find online directly, sharing it to get the opinions of others and to get them to share it.

Users have the option to follow one another based on their interests, viewing photos that are displayed on a visually appealing pin board-type feed. The follow system works just like Twitter, so you can “unfollow” any friends, organizations or boards whenever you want. People can also share their finds with friends and are allowed to edit comments on others’ images before saving them to their own pinboard.”

It’s like having bulletin boards for everything you find interesting, funny, educational, and well, just Everything!  And sharing all those boards with the entire Pinterest community.  I have become addicted.  Well, I guess that’s a subjective description as there are a LOT of people with many more boards than I have, but it has taken over my time spent on the internet where I used to spend it on Facebook.  The thing that’s different about Pinterest is that you need to be invited.  Don’t request an invite from the site, as you may be waiting forever.  I requested an invite months ago and i have yet to hear back from them.  Just do what I did and find a friend that already pins and ask them to invite you.  It will be an instant joining that way.

Here are some of my favorite pins:

Biggest rabbit I've ever seen from my PETS board
A VW bus scooter from my SCOOTER RIDING board
Purple cake - YES, PURPLE CAKE!!! 🙂 From my PURPLEII! board
Avatar Dolls shown on the MTV site from my DOLLS board

























You can pin directly from a website or you can repin from some one else’s pin. It’s really fun!  No pressure – don’t have to comment, don’t have to answer anything, do it whenever the mood strikes!

If you haven’t joined the fun yet, come on in, the water’s fine! Here’s the link to the doll duels pins: PINS And if you feel so inclined, follow my boards – Miss Nancy.  Start your own Doll Board – I’d love to follow you!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!



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