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Because one of our missions is to let new Tonner collectors know about various doll collecting communities and collecting techniques we invite our collectors to share with everyone their personal experience and knowledge, things that perhaps not everyone knows about. The extensive Flickr doll community is one of those things.

If you remember, Tamara is one of the most dynamic international Tonner collectors, involved in both a Mexico City community, and also that of her native Czech Republic. We asked Tamara to share with our readers the basics of what Flickr is so that new Tonnerites might learned more about these communities, but also share her own favorites there. She was so kind to write this insight into Flickr. The photos included are from Tamara’s own Flickr account. If you have Flickr accounts you love, please let us know in the comments or at or on Twitter @tonnerdoll


Tamara’s Introduction to Flickr

First, I would like to explain that for me it´s a big honor to write this post about Flickr and Flickr´s doll collectors community but I´m only one of the flickr users. I´m simply a doll collector who has Flickr account for only a little more than 2 years, so I´m sure that I know only small part of the fantastic doll collector community you can meet there! Well, here is my experience with this fantastic website.

What is Flickr? “Flickr is an image and video hosting website, webservice and online community created by Ludicorb and later acquired by Yahoo. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, they service is
widely used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs in social media.” – Wikipedia. But Flickr can be more and not only for the people who like doing photography! Flickr can be a fantastic way to spend MUCH time looking at great photos from all over the world, and to meet a lot of interesting people internationally. It is a place to learn more about photography or about your hobbies, and to meet clients or business partners or simply for to find inspiration.

As a doll collector I very much appreciate being able to see photos of the dolls of the other collectors. These photos help me to decide if I will buy the doll or not. The unofficial photos made by the doll collectors are crucial for my decision because the official photos, prototypes or Ebay photos sometimes can be confusing. In Flickr you can see photos of nude doll bodies, comparisons of different sizes, and types or colors of dolls or figures. You can find photos from doll conventions, close-ups of the doll you would like to buy or you can
check the poses that the doll is capable of. And obviously, you can find a lot of great tutorials and tricks of the trade there.

I´m a member of many doll forums, but it can be not so good to post there.  But in Flickr it is different! I do not have to write or read anything.  I can enjoy just the fantastic photos, so it´s much easier for me when I haven´t the time or cannot concentrate enough to read or write in English (not my native tongue). I think that for the this reason the Flickr doll collector community is more international. Obviously the major part of the comments is in English, but if the user doesn’t speak it  he can enjoy the photos at least. Apart from this,  it isn’t necessary that the user submits their own photos, they can enjoy the photos of the other users, comment and participate in the groups discussions, if that is what they want to do.

Flickr Doll Groups

There are so many groups dedicated to dolls in Flickr where you can meet so many amazing doll collectors and share your passion for dolls with them. Would you like to visit a Flickr Tonner doll group (link repaired)?  Or would you like to see more Tyler´s photos?

Do you prefer (click on any of the links)..

Or if you like,  I invite you check my favourite photostreams with Tonner dolls (not only):

Obviously there are so many fantastic photostreams in Flickr I´m sure I forgot somebody in my little selection!

But as you can see, Flickr is full of different types of dolls, figures and miniatures. You can spend hours and hours looking at fabulous collections and creations. And would be really great to see the photos of more Tonner doll collectors there too! For me is so nice to be able to meet other doll collectors and it´s very interesting to learn about the other types of the dolls. It´s so inspiring to visit the photostreams of great dolly fashion designers or doll artists such as:

and more and more like

It´s really impossible to list all Flickr´s photostreams I love! I´m sure you will find much more! So enjoy!!! I hope see you soon in any of the Tonner Doll Flickr groups!

Oh.. I almost forgot my flickr 😀 here!

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