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Carol Joynt, one of our many much loved Tonner retailers (Dreamcastle Dolls), emailed me forwarding her post in memoriam of long time doll community collector and Tonner friend Paula Kagan. The tribute is written by Carol’s friend Marcia of Facets of Marcia . Carol has just started blogging, something I wanted to call our readers’ attention to at a more positive moment, but blogging is also about passing news forward. Written in memory:


Paula Kagan, avid doll collector, passed away from cancer on Thursday November 17th, at the age of 82. Paula was a familiar face at many doll conventions – Tonner, Paris, MetroDolls, Modern Doll, IDEX and more. She organized many of the special exhibits at Tonner conventions, frequently lending dolls from her own impressive collection.

In addition to doll collecting, Paula was extremely talented at needlework, knitting and jewelry making.  She taught beading classes at a local shop in Maine and frequently gave friends exquisite jewelry pieces that she “whipped up” in her spare time, like this one…

read the rest of the tribute here: The Doll Community Mourns the Loss of Paula Kagan.

Paula’s obituary from the Bangor Daily News is here.  If you would like to make a donation in her name, please donate to: Eastern Maine Healthcare Charities, P.O. Box 931, Bangor, ME 04402-0931.  They can be found online here.


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  1. I never had the honor of meeting Carol, but like most people who follow Tonner Doll Company and the conventions, I knew about Carol and her devotion, kindness, and joy. She is sorely missed.

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