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Collecting anything leads to the question – How do i display my precious items? There are as many answers to this question as there are types of collections.  So let’s just look at a few of the most used display ideas.

This first example is from a museum.  Now you may say, “But I’m not a museum!” Well, let’s look at that.  Do you have a collection?  more than three pieces of any one thing.  Then you have a collection.  Do you have them displayed together in one area?  Most likely yes.  Do you let people unknown to you touch the items?  Probably not.  So, though you may not have a sign out front and charge admission, you can use the museum style for your special items.  The photo here is of the Museum of Inuit Art’s new doll section.  The museum can be found in Toronto Canada.

Museum of Inuit Art - Doll Display

I love the way they have the dolls on all different levels in the display.  And the use of floating shelves.  Gotta love them.  And just an FYI – floating shelves can be found in just about any home improvement store now and they are not that expensive.  Here is the link to the museum’s blog for more information and photos.

Museum of Inuit Art Blog

Another more traditional way to display is in a glass case.  Sometimes they are vintage cases and sometimes brand new.  Shelves are usually adjustable so you can account for the different heights of your dolls.  Some vintage cases have curved fronts like this one.  Or something more modern and new like the case i found from another blogger who usually reviews books, but also has a collection and shared her treasures online.

Here’s a link to the blog.  Planetbound

And now, part way though this blog I am realizing that I can’t possibly put all of my display discussion into one post, so I guess I have next week’s all picked out.  Displaying dolls – Part II!!  🙂

Another way to display is to not put them behind glass, but to have them right out there in the open!  At work, at home, at school, wherever you are.  Here is a great example of at work.  This is a library-don’t know the location as this is a picture from Flickr, but you can see the dolls on the counter of the desk and she changes them to go with the seasons!  What a great way to let everyone have a look at a collection.

There is also a great photo group on Flikr.   Anyone can submit.  Take a look.

Dolls at Work



So, this is where I will stop today’s blog.  I will pick up displaying again next week. In the meantime, how many of you display dolls at work and what kind of reaction do you get to them?

Just an FYI – EVERYONE on the staff at Tonner has dolls in their work space.  🙂

Nancy Shomo
Tonner Doll Company
Executive Assistant



9 responses to “Displaying Your Collection

  1. Miss Nancy, looking at the Inuit Museum display suddenly brought up a question: which kind of LIGHTING is best for dolls? With all the kinds of bulbs available now, which is least likely to cause UV-ray damage: incandescent, CFL, LED, halogen, or other????


    1. ooo – Cathy – good question! Since all the new bulbs have come out, my husband is an expert on this subject. I will get an answer about that. I can tell you that we use mostly LED lights at home as they use a lot less wattage.

      I will ask him and post an answer later tonight.

      Great question! Thanks Cathy

      miss nancy

      1. Hi Miss Nancy; you must have gotten sidetracked, which doesn’t surprise me with everything you do!

        But still want your opinion on SAFE LIGHTING for our dollie treasures…..


        1. hi Cathy
          thanks for the reminder!

          From my husband:
          LED’s are the safest and use the least amount of energy. They don’t get hot and can last for years.

          from me: still doing some research on the fading issues though. LED’s haven’t been in our house long enough to see if they cause fading… will keep you posted!

          miss nancy

  2. Thanks Nancy, is that your work station?!

    I also have individual glass domes for a few dolls and I also scatter the odd doll on shelves with books/plants/other nick-knacks for a non-collection look.

    Have a great 4th-

    1. Hi Sarah
      no, I wish it were! but I too have domes over special smaller dolls in my office
      have a great holiday weekend!

      Miss Nancy

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