Diana’s Collection – How do you Display your Own?

One of most unique things about a collector is how they chose to display their dolls in their lives. Diana over at the wonderful doll blog About Dolls shares some photos of how she displays her Fashion Doll collection. This is one of the great things about blogging we believe. How about you? Where does your collection live? What place do your dolls have in your life? We just love seeing your visions. Maybe blog about it yourself if you have started a blog already, and send us a note of your post so we can share it with others tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com

What do you think? Diana’s Collection looks great! Right?

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2 responses to “Diana’s Collection – How do you Display your Own?

  1. Love the clean lines and neutral colors of your room. Your shelving is just the right height to display your fashion dolls along the tops. I also like the way you mix your decorator items with your doll collection. Very inspiring.

  2. how do you control dust? i use canned air (the type used for cleaning electronics), but still worry about soiling of the clothes.

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