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Since we are still on a convention high here at Tonner Doll, I thought I would talk a little about what I do before convention – the fun stuff 🙂 (cuz really, who wants to talk about all the other stuff lol)

Anyway, part of what I do pre-convention is work on videos and presentations.  The presentation I love doing the most is the staff intro video.  We always make it something that goes along with the theme of the convention and is fun.  This year the theme of the convention was “Flights of Fancy” which included everything from airplanes to birds.  Since our first event was called Welcome Aboard, it was natural to make the staff video about airplane flight.  And not just flight, but retro flight – back in the days when people used to dress up in your best clothes to get on the airplane and travel.

So, with that in mind, and enlisting the help of Eric, our resident Photoshop genius, I put this little intro together of the staff.  I hope you enjoy it!

2 responses to “Come Fly With Us – Meet the Tonner Doll Company Staff – Miss Nancy

  1. Would love to see this, but it says the video is private and even when I log in to YouTube, it says “sorry, it’s private”. Any suggestions as to how to view this?

    1. hi Vera
      sorry i missed your comment – it should be viewable now – if you are still having a problem viewing, let me know

      Miss Nancy

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