Christmas Doll Memories

No, this little cutie is not my Christmas Doll Memory, but I wanted to let you all know why I am a day late with my usual Tuesday blog.  This is my granddaughter, Lilly, who was born two days ago.  She weighed in at 8lbs. 5oz. 19″ long.  She joins her big brother, 2 1/2 year old Adam.  Adam is the reason I didn’t blog because we are taking care of him while Mom and Dad are at the hospital.  Both Mom, Dad, and Baby Lilly are all doing great and going home today.

Anyway, back to Christmas doll memories.  I know i received dolls when I was a baby from photos and the one doll that survived, my Tiny Tears with ciracul hair (which I still have), but my first real Christmas doll memory was when I was in grade school.  Television commercials had done their work on me – I LONGED for a Tiny Thumbelina! (ok, so that dates me a little :-))  She was so cute, so tiny, and she moved like a real little baby!  When I came downstairs that Christmas morning, I just couldn’t wait to get that box open! She was everything I expected, and I couldn’t get enough of that new baby doll smell.  I still to this day love the smell of a new doll.  Thumbelina came to me with her carrying case, and extra clothes.  I felt like the luckiest little girl ever!  It was our Christmas tradition to go to my Aunt’s house for dinner that day and Thumbelina came right along with me.  I don’t even remember the meal, I just remember that feeling of getting the exact thing I asked for – and being totally in love.  And carrying her in her case to my Aunt’s house and being so proud of my new baby.

It was the most memorable Christmas for me….  and of course, I still have my Tiny Thumbelina in her case – though both are a a little worse for the wear… but still extremely loved…

I would love to hear if any one else has a Christmas doll memory, or any kind of toy for that matter 🙂

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  1. That’s the way I felt about my Sindy dolls. Every Christmas I would get more and more clothing for her and the year I got the 3-storey townhouse I was speechless!!! Unfortunately when I was about 14 years old I felt I was too old for dolls and got rid of everything (so stupid) BUT thanks to eBay I now have another 3-storey Sindy townhouse, furniture and a bunch of dolls. I tell my daughter to SAVE all her toys/dolls that she really loves!!!

    1. hi Lynne
      boy, that is so true! i had Tammy dolls when i was young, and didn’t save them, so as an adult, I had to rebuy them!!! lol And my husband did the same thing with his 1950’s robot collection. He took them all apart when he was young, and never could get them back together. So nothing was saved. And he had to start rebuying all the special robots!

      Miss Nancy

  2. when i was little i had the talk up dolls from mattel, my sister shared the m with me ,i had a blonde one and i knew another girl who had a brunnette one , but iremembered a casper the freindly ghost one , i dont think he was issued in the uk unless he was very short in supply ,i now have all three again in working order and they sit happily on a book shelf and remind me of those happy times ,

    1. hi Russell
      I totally remember those dolls – especially Casper! So glad you were able to find them. What does Casper say?? I don’t remember 🙂

      Miss Nancy

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