Little Alice Causes “Nothing but trouble…” – Alice in Wonderland Collecting

Alison writes about her new Tonner 8″ Alice who just arrived in the fantastic Fashion Doll Review. It is just like Alice to arrive and start changing things around for everyone, don’t you think?


When I saw the new releases two weeks ago from Tonner Doll Company, the 8″ Alice Kingsleigh and Mad Hatter dolls from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland collection, I knew I had to at least have Alice’s outfit.

Well, she made her arrival yesterday, and she’s caused nothing but trouble. Her arrival caused me to redress three of my 16″ girls–also into a variety of Alice outfits in my stash–and rearrange my display. She’s just adorable…

…Her outfit is just amazing. When I compare it to Tonner’s original Alice Kingsleigh (seen in the photo below on Euphemia), it’s practically identical. The details of the embroidery and buttons are perfect….

read the rest…THE FASHION DOLL REVIEW: I know I said I was tired of Alice, but….




Take a look at more of Alice in Alison’s  Flickr too in fact take a look at the whole alington photostream! You can find Alice here on TonnerDirect, if you just love her.

Be sure to follow Alison on Twitter too, like we do: @FDR_alington

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  1. You over there at Tonner are partially to blame for this re-invasion of Alice. imagine my surprise upon checking the Halloween convention coverage this weekend! You guys have it out for me! 😉

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