Why Tonner? Carolyn of Fashion Doll Review Explains her Love of Tonner Doll

Yesterday Carolyn wrote a reflective post on why Tonner Doll (and Ellowyne) has taken up so much of her collection. Highly recommend this great post. Thank you Carolyn for your love of Tonner!


Carolyn's photo of Blue Skies Glinda and Basic Wicked Witch

Recently I was counting my dolls on display, by company (I’m a counter, who knows why, a bit of OCD perhaps?) and here’s what I came up with: BJDs – 1, contemporary Barbie – 3, vintage Barbie – 6, Madame Alexander – 2, Integrity – 7, Wilde Imagination – 10, Tonner – 31….

Which got me to thinking; why Tonner? What is it about his dolls that call to me so much? The other dolls pretty much come and go around here, but every time I think I’m going to let some of my Tonners or Ellowynes go, it doesn’t happen.

So why do I love Robert Tonner? Two words: Tyler and Imagination. Tyler is by far my favorite sculpt. There is something so sweet about her face, she looks like the type of woman you’d like to have as a best friend (lucky Sydney!). She can also look so different and versatile from wicked & naughty (Charmed), to sweet & classy (Nights in White Satin), fun (It’s My Party, Harlequin, Look of the Season), whimsical (Believe) and elegant & stunning (Fire Opal, Casino Jade, Autumn Gold). And her clothes are to die for..

Robert’s imagination seems inexhaustible!…

read the rest of her post here

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  1. Yes, and this wonderful collector lives in my neighborhood and goes to my doll meets. When are you guys going to have a convention out here on the Left Coast? It’s supposed to be 70 degrees today! :)

    • Alison, it is almost 70 here!! (okay, 61). So glad to read Carolyn in FDR. Nice stuff! Not sure when Tonner can make it out there, but the Left Coast is certainly attractive.

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