The Best Doll Blogs – A List You can Vote On

There are more great doll bloggers out there than you might think, so we thought it would be nice to begin an interactive list that others can vote on and add to because bloggers around the world are sharing their passion for collecting and always are looking for interested readers. If you are on Twitter or Facebook you can vote for blogs you like and even comment on them. Just click on a thumbs up and you’ll be asked to sign in. This list is in the order of votes a doll blog receives so if you see your blog there let your readers know. In fact if you have a blog you can embed the entire live list in a post and let your readers vote right there. And if you have a better description of your blog for this list please send it to

If there are doll blogs you know of and like but do not see listed you can add them too! Once you find a blog you like remember you can usually email subscribe to them directly or subscribe using a service like feedly (which I like best) or Google Reader, a handy way of keeping track of what is new in the doll world. And if you are inspired, why not start blogging yourself? It just takes a few minutes to set up and I’d be glad to help get you started.

If you need any help with the features or how to embed the list feel free to contact me at

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  1. Thanks for this list, and for posting a link to my site as well. I love seeing all these links to other doll blogs in one place–it’s such a great way to see what’s happening in the doll world!

    • I agree Alison, it feels great to see all these doll writers – bloggers of all kinds – all in a single place. It helps us realize that there is some great sharing out there.

  2. Hi Kevin, thanks for setting this list up – it will be a lot of fun to follow it. I added one of my favorite doll blogs (Miranda Wandering) but didn’t find a place to enter “filters” for it, sorry. If you can add them (and maybe you can’t since I was the one who posted it?) it should have a “ball jointed doll” filter. Thanks.

  3. Great Idea…all this talent AND Info in one spot….Thanks!

  4. What a great list!

  5. Thanks for including Steampunk Addie’s blog. She’s in very good company.

  6. Re-blog on the CSD FB page:

    This is a great list!

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