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My Life as a Doll Doctor - Noreen Morris





I am finally getting caught up in the doll hospital…and  want to thank you readers for getting those questions to me! I was not sure when I would get a chance to blog again…so I answered all of you via email. It has been brought to my attention that some of you are not sure how to reach me directly. The best way is to just use my email at  I check and answer nearly every day…so this is the best way. I had a collector send in a rare bisque doll last week…but instead of sending it to the Doll Hospital–she sent it to our uptown offices–Yikes! Luckily it was received and when opened was forwarded to me here at the doll hospital. Should you need to send a doll to me for repair–the Doll Hospital address is: Tonner Doll Hospital  14 Hurley Avenue  Kingston, NY 12401. Also, please feel free to give us a call with your questions  (hmmmmm–doll questions anyway)–not sure I know how long to cook your Spiral Ham, or make the best Long Island Ice Tea! However…should your question be about dolls..(or menopause) I know I can help! The Tonner Company Store and Doll Hospital number: (845) 339-2960. For any of you that have sent your patients in a few weeks ago…you will be hearing from me soon as they should be ready to be discharged very soon. I thank you so much for your patience. I also want to thank the local anonymous doll donor who dropped off the recent organ donors–your kindness and generosity will save another dolly life I am certain. I also want to show you my newest dolly purchase! Now…those of you who know of my Dolly obsession will say…Oh…I bet a new Evangeline or Ellowyne–possibly a new BJD–nope! (Although I can’t resist EG or Elly)–I bought an older Fashion Doll! It was not a planned purchase–and I actually had to ask Robert this dolls name. Of course he knew all about her instantly!

Fashion doll mannequin set 001

Her name is Candy, and she came with all of her dress forms and outfits. I just love her ensembles! And yes–Jenn already let me know that Green dress is on the form backwards…it looks better from the front I assure you.

Anyway…for all you convention Attendees…have fun! Let your hair down, relax and become BFF’s with the Tonner Team!

click to find our more about the Tonner Doll Hospital
click to find our more about the Tonner Doll Hospital

2 responses to “Reaching the Doll Doc – My Life as a Doll Doctor

  1. I started restoring dolls a few years back, focusing mostly on resin ABJD. I see you have a bunch :) After a while, I couldn’t afford to buy busted dolls to repair anymore, but had some fun offering free repairs here and there. These days, I don’t do repairs for people anymore, but I still get that happy feeling when I see the dolls you’ve fixed. Thank you so much for sharing your restorations.

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      Thanks so much for the nice comments! I hope to post some more restoration pics soon. Glad to hear you enjoy the resin BJD’s also!

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