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What an exciting week!! Doll hospital is full to the brim once again with about 40 patients waiting to get into the O.R. I should have plenty of stories to tell as each one is given a second chance at being loved once again.

Before I get to all the news happening around here, I want to give a great big Doll Hospital Hug to Lynne K. from Gurnee, IL. and Lynn G. from Las Vegas, NV. The donations of dolls and parts were a wonderful surprise and will surely be put to good use here!

Jennifer is out this week,  so no new “how to” videos…but we will do more–I promise!
I just have to share a phone call about repair–that has me so totally excited!! I am going to show you lovely readers a picture…..and let me know how many of you know who this is… do not scroll down!!

I know…..amazing isn’t it?? This wonderfully sweet voiced lady calls me and asks if I can repair puppets. (You do remember that ventriloquist dummy – Who’s the Dummy? –  I struggled with several months ago don’t you?)

So….with a tiny bit of uncertainty—–I ask if it is possible for this lovely lady to email me a picture. Well….Trudy says…just type his name in online and you can see plenty of his pictures! Huh….what??–now I am getting curious. I was speaking to Trudy Sales!!!!…wife of the late Soupy Sales. I could not believe it…..the famous “Pookie” could possibly be in my hands by the end of April!! Needless to say I was star struck.

I remember the old Lunch with Soupy re-runs!!  Could it possibly be that Lion we called Pookie?
Yes……it sure was. I can not wait to meet both Trudy and Pookie. We are planning on this happening before summer…so I will certainly ask if I can share perhaps photos and videos of both her and Pookie. I will keep you informed every step of the way so make sure you keep checking this blog. Is this not the greatest job ever?? I mean really– each week holds something special–and this week is one I will not forget.


Questions for Dr. Noreen. If you have any Doll Repair or Care Questions that can be answered publicly please do ask:

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4 responses to “My Life As a Doll Doctor | Exciting week, Big News!

    1. Hi Roberta,
      I think he was originally a prop called Charlemane the Lion and I think parts of his face are hard and the rest of him is plush. I can’t wait to actually see him in person….but I hear he has a head injury….it’s actually off! I will be thrilled to meet both Trudy Sales and of course Pookie. To save this Lion would be something very special for me….I’ll keep you posted, Noreen

  1. I am extremely interested in your story about Soupy Sales’ Pookie as I have wondered for years whatever became of him. And now it turns out Trudy Sales has had him all the time! I am still amazed that no effort was ever made to mass produce Pookie puppets — as there was to make Soupy puppets (although those were never well constructed). I would think that there’d still be a market for Pookie puppets today. I know I’d sure but one! There obviously is a market for Pookie’s image — which you can buy online on mugs, T-shorts, ball caps, etc. I got to spend time with Soupy on several occasions — once when he played a club date in New York (I found him pre-show sitting alone at the bar; he put on a great show despite my wife and I being one of the few attendees) and later both at the Friars Club in Manhattan and in L.A. when he played to a packed house on the Sunset Strip. He told me the sad story of how Metromdia erased the tapes of his New York series, which was why he tried to remakew them in color later at Golden West Broadcasters in L.A. Years after that Soupy learned that his show had been kinescoped by Screen Gems for stations with film chains but no video playback equipment and thus kines of his “lost” shows (or at least some of them) still existed in some station storerooms across the country. I’m a long time tentertainment writer and historian who has put together programmming for Disney, PBS and others as well as the 20 year former Music & Entertainment Editor of Reader’s Digest. I’d love to be put in contact with Trudy.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Trudy has her own face book page…and would you believe so does “Pookie”! Go to facebook and type in Trudy Sales and you will find her. You sound like a very big fan!
      Best Wishes, Noreen

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