Miladyblue’s Thoughts on Hogyo Yoshi – Ebay Photos Sometimes Not So Good

 Wonderful Miladyblue at Random Doll Blathering writes about her new purchase of Hogyo Yoshi from our Freedom for Fashion line.

I finally got my Hogyo Yoshio yesterday, which I bought from the ever wonderful Dreamcastle Dolls in a nude split. Like many other collectors, I was excited about the possibility of a hunky Asian guy, and Tonner delivered!…

Interestingly, she and many others were put into doubt by some less-than-ideal pictures of him on Ebay

…I have to admit, I was considering cancelling my order for this doll, because I saw some truly horrific pictures in an Evil Bay auction. I have heard through the grapevine that some of the doll shops were reporting a rash of cancellations because of those pictures. Thankfully, my friend Sonya, the Queen of All Trades, was kind enough to bring her Basic Yoshio to July’s doll club meeting, and I decided to get Hogyo after all. I will be taking pics of Hogyo and Basic side by side, so everyone can see the differences between the two this coming Sunday, so keep your eyes open!

Now, without further ado, Katris, formerly Hogyo Yoshio! Apologies if these pics look as though they belong on the wall in the Post Office. The photo session was cut short because my little brother called me inside to bribe me with some fresh chocolate chip cookies. Priorities, you know!

read the rest Love is in_ the Box, Random Doll Blathering.

Thank you to Miladyblue (and to Sonya!) for the perseverance and trust. We love reading her blog and look forward to her comparison of Hogyo and Basic Yoshi. Jump on over to the post to see the rest of her photos, including some definite romance between Hogyo and Sefforine “…the Empress of about 300 worlds” in a story she is working on.

We’d all love to hear more about her doll club meeting as well. Sounds like a great group.

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  1. This is a “knock me over with a feather!” moment. Thank you, Kevin!

    • Always good to have feather knock down moments. Great to have your participation on our blog and Facebook!

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