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I have been waiting to share our Store event pics with all of our faithful Tonner friends! I have to admit….I never expected to meet so many of my blog readers…but was so happy to hear you are reading and enjoying. This event was an (after the sale) Dr. Seuss event which had us smiling ear to ear. The weekend actually started on a Friday night at the headquarters in uptown Kingston. We all met there and got into costumes so we could represent Tonner in the uptown Holiday kick-off parade. We marched the entire length of Wall Street in a light drizzle….laughing all the way! Not because I was directly behind “Jack Rabbit”–but because I was dancing to those bagpipes!  The next morning…all the little elves met over at the Holiday Inn to prepare for the big sale. After that…the store was a buzzing with activities. A big shout out to Joe…hey Joe–so nice to see you again…and what a surprise to see Terri! Terri….I think you (and of course Rudy) were the icing on the cake. It was so nice to talk to the blog readers….who admitted they were too shy to comment….(you all know who you are). Not to worry though–I was just happy to know you were reading. I asked for questions on my last blog….but my ever so shy readers were not asking so we will revisit that topic after the Holidays….

The Cat in the Hat is here to meet and greet!


Our Joe P. with Joe C. and the lovely Marsha!!

I hope you enjoyed these fun pictures…and lastly.

I want to wish everyone a wonder filled Holiday with Family and Friends and Dolls.   Keep your hearts full this season!!  The Doll Doc

If you have a doll repair question don’t hesitate to ask:

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  1. Hey Dr. Noreen, It was good to see you too! We had so much fun that weekend and got some good deals. As Always it was such a joy to see everyone and see the wonderful work you all do. Happy Holidays.


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