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Well….you can sure tell when Fall is here. The leaves are gorgeous shades of red, yellow and orange, the air feels a bit crisp–and the doll hospital is full to the brim! It happens every year just about this time…and it’s a sign that Christmas is coming! You see….restoring a childhood doll for someone seems to be one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It has been quite popular here and we have grandchildren having Nanny’s doll restored, husbands having their wife’s doll restored, and sons and daughters having their parents doll or toy restored. This is the time I get a bit nervous about getting them all done in time….especially when there are well over 20 here…and only one of me! (Now how many days until Christmas?) I will start today on the late 1950’s bride doll that was so popular back in the day….then on to the AM 370 (bisque head and shoulder plate with kid and cloth body). Next perhaps I will get a few of those Madame Alexanders finished. Once they are finished I will move on to the plastic baby dolls that are here just for a quick re-stringing–and of course I must get to that Jill doll who needs her hair re-styled. I really can not wait to get my hands on that 32 inch Saucy Playpal!! But alas…..they must be finished in the order that they came in…so she will wait a bit longer. She will be a gift under the tree for a very special person!! I have had the pleasure of speaking to a very nice gentleman who is having this restored for a friend–and since this is one of my favorite dolls….I can’t wait to get my hands on her. I promise she will be perfectly adorable when finished! I also have a box of parts and a rather dirty German bisque head….just waiting to be made beautiful…..





For now……it will be work, work, work……..but when these are finished and back in the hands of the recipients–it will be wonderful! I will be certain to show off some super pics of some of these dolls finished….so keep following my friends.


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