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As you may already know…doll hospital is full to the brim so I am blogging every other week until the Christmas rush is over. Every extra minute I spend in the Dolly O.R. brings me a bit closer to making a dream come true!! At one point I had over 40 patients…so I was getting a bit nervous. Usually around the fall….I hear from so many people who want to make Christmas so special by restoring one’s favorite childhood doll. This is my chance to feel a bit like Santa and make these dreams possible. I must admit a secret elf came by last week and saw the many, many patients all waiting for a little work. As he picked up one sad-looking Revlon doll…that elf asked what she was in for. I said “A spa treatment…you know…cleaning, hair wash and condition, restyle etc..”( I mean this gal was once a high fashion model and she did let herself go a bit.) As R.T….errrrr—I mean the elf picked her up and looked her over–he said “let me help you with this one”. I happen to know that this elf really knows his stuff when it comes to these vintage Revlons….so I eagerly said ‘Thank You…Thank you so much” I am now certain all of these dolls that are here to end up as a Special Surprise Christmas morning–will be just that!  I just wish I could see the looks on their faces when they first see that doll again…..Below are some joyous memories before and after….and although I neglected to photograph the before pic of the Revlon….I will be sure to show you the after!!

Before and After


Before and After


Before and After


Before and After


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6 responses to “All I Want For Christmas – My Life as a Doll Doctor

  1. Every time I see pictures, I am always astounded by the work you do. I look and see a pile of doll parts with dirt and grim and age and then it’s a beautiful doll that looks like it just came out of the box.

    I am sure these things mean so much to the people getting them, given how many memories are held in the things we all had as kids. Seeing the doll that never left their side as a child brought back to life has to be wonderful.

    You’re going to make a lot of people very happy!

    1. Thanks Taya,
      Hopefully I will get to hear from most of them after they receive them this Christmas season. Although some are brought in locally….most are shipped to me from other states, so I do not get to see their faces in person. If I get some pics of the owners….I plan on sharing…so stay tuned! The Doc

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