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The World of Tonner Doll

Tonner Doll is the expression of award-winning doll creator Robert Tonner featuring high-quality fashion dolls arranged in Collections such as those of Cami & Jon, Antoinette or Precarious, or by inspiration such as our Re-Imagination line, or our licensed Comic line DC Comics. You can browse all our collections here including film licensed characters or our Hollywood inspired personalities like our recently released Marilyn Monroe Collection – just to name a few. Have fun browsing.

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Fashion Dolls

Each line of Fashion Dolls has it’s own personality – found in different sculpts – and a unique fashion vision. Dolls are generally available in Basic dolls, Dressed dolls (which are dolls that come with a fashion outfit) and just Outfits. Our main lines usually have new Spring and Fall collection additions each year. Some of the most popular lines are…

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Comic Inspired Character Figures

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Play Doll Duels

One of the most extraordinary things about Tonner Doll dolls and character figures is what our fans and collectors do with them after purchase. Robert Tonner motto has been Believe in the Power of Play, and as a devoted doll collector himself long before designing dolls for others he knows that the joy of a doll or figure is to spark the imagination. That is the reason we created the site Doll Duels for our fans, so that there was a place where people can go and share their love of their Tonners, and express their versions of them. With over 3,000 photos uploaded in the first year, and over 3,000,000 votes cast, some of the best Tonner Doll inspired art and photography can be found there. You can play the Duels right here below by clicking on your favorite of two photos, or hop on over to the home page at You can find verything from just fans who have uploaded pictures of dolls they love, to professional repaint artists who use Robert’s sculpts as foundations for their own creations, or collectors who adorn their Tonner’s with One Of A Kind (OOAK) fashion. On Doll Duels the World of Tonner opens up as far as the creative eye can see. Be sure to not only play Doll Duels, but also submit your own photos contributing to the photo conversation there.


Getting Social

Doll Duels is not the only place to meet and comment with Tonner Doll collectors.We have a very active Facebook page where we post lots of Tonner news and doll related sharing. Our collectors and fans are in close conversation with us there, and they regularly post their own doll photos as well. It’s a warm community and a great thing to be a part of.



We’ve been out in the forefront of Twitter doll conversation, hosting the only doll collecting chat #dollchat for over a year now, where doll collectors and artists of all kinds come to share about their doll week for an hour of fast moving conversation. #dollchat happens twice a week on Sundays at 2pm EST and Tuesdays at 9pm EST. It is easy to join, and you can even eavesdrop in on the conversation if you are not on Twitter by going to this #dollchat page. All week long people use the #dollchat hashtag as a place to share doll related news and blog posts.


A great thing about Twitter is that you can also follow our our Facebook postings and blog posts straight from there, an easy and light way of staying in touch.

Our Blog

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Our blog is the best place to catch all the in depth Tonner News. But it is not only about Tonner News. There are Tonner blog columns like Dr. Noreen’s My Life as a Doll Doctor. Noreen Morris heads our fantastic Doll Hospital and writes with humor and passion about her experiences in bringing dolls back to their original luster.  Longtime assistant to Robert Toner, Miss Nancy also keeps us all informed in her Confessions of a Dollaholic column, while our fans contribute great guest post reviews of Tonners that they own.

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Robert Tonner

Last and most certainly not least is Robert himself, the life force and vision behind Tonner Doll. A longtime doll collector his personal passion comes through everything we do. Our YouTube page has lots of shares from Robert but perhaps none are so interesting as this video where he discusses the influence of Barbie upon his own collecting and design. It was in response to Darla, a longtime Barbie collector, who sent us a video of her opening her very first Tonner doll. You can see Darla’s video here: Barbie Collector Darla’s First Tonner.



In the 20+ years of Tonner Doll there is quite a rich history of dolls we’ve put forth. We are building our Archive and you can see it here: Tonner Archive A great place to get a sense of who Tonner Doll though is through our Archive of Catalogs. You can browse them going back to 1993:

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