Wonder Woman Part 8: 17″ Deluxe Women of Power – by Jason Wright

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Welcome to Part 8 in our countdown of Tonner’s line of Wonder Woman dolls. So far we’ve taken a look back at the first 2 years of Wonder Woman during 2007 and 2008. This time we head right into 2009 which heralds the beginning of Tonner’s branching out into different formats for our favorite heroine. But for anyone just joining us, here’s what has come before:

PART 1: 19″ Porcelain
PART 2: 16″ DC Stars Wonder Woman first release
PART 3: 16″ Amazonian Princess doll and outfit, Office Savvy outfit
PART 4: 16″ Amazonian Warrior
PART 5: 16″ Justice Protector
PART 6: 16″ Diana of Themyscira “Women of Power”
PART 7: FAO Schwarz Trunk Set

Tonner’s mainline release for 2009 was exceptionally good and we saw the introduction of Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Hawkwoman, and a Silver Age Catwoman. For the other half of the DC Stars release, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Poison Ivy were reintroduced in the newly revamped “Women of Power” series as a line of 17″ Deluxe dolls. Wonder Woman had a total production run of 1,000 pieces and an original retail price of $199.99 and also has the bloom skintone.

Prototype pic by Tonner


I have a love/hate feeling about the 17″ female body. It was first used as the base for Tonner’s Lara Croft line, DeeAnna Denton, and Elvira, all of which are spectacular dolls in their own right, but unless the character in question isn’t a “bigger” girl such as Starfire, the 16″ should be used as the base. Not to say that the body is bad (I think it’s an improvement in some ways over the 16″ fashion body) but since my introduction to the world of Tonner began with the 16″ Tyler fashion body, and it was used for all of the DC Stars up to this point, I want all of my female hero dolls to be in the 16″ scale.

Despite my aversion to the body, this doll is a vast improvement over the first DC Stars release. The weak points on the original doll (large tiara, ill-fitting belt, screen printed emblem) were addressed and corrected with this doll. And not only that, Tonner included a cape and a pair of earrings. We get a totally new sculpt and this is the first doll where we see it used. It would also used for the upcoming 2009 Wonder Woman convention exclusive “Athena’s Champion” which will be reviewed in the next installment, as well as “Forrest Frolic” in Tonner’s Re-Imagination line.

The paint apps, as usual, are extremely well done and enhance an already beautiful face and strong jawline. The tiara is just the right size and I’m going to say it right here, it’s the best out of all the Tonner WW dolls, past and present. I wish this had been used on all of them. It’s made out of plastic and kept in place with elastic bands and snaps attached to the ends. On the downside though, the tiara has already been attached to her and is woven in as a part of her hairset. I’m a bit disappointed at this since I’d rather have the option of putting the tiara on myself. I don’t redress my Wonder Women unless I have an extra one, and even then I want to have the option of putting her back together the way she came from the factory. Since I’m not a doll hair expert or customizer, her tiara has remained in place. There’s no way I’m taking a chance on messing up this awesome hairdo!

As usual, I don’t use the earrings so here’s a detail so you can see them.

Let’s take a look at the star of this entire package, the classic bathing suit. Tonner must have listened to the fans about the screen printed emblem on the first release, because not only did that disappear, they went 10 steps further and created the very best emblem out of any WW doll ever made. Yes, it’s that good, and it’s the first thing you see when you first open her box. It’s work of art all by itself and I wish Tonner sold these all by themselves.

The red bodice is tailored exceptionally well but the choice of glittery fabric is an odd choice. Wonder Woman has never, ever worn glitter on her outfit. When she was first released she got mixed reactions from hardcore Wonder Woman fans. Since Tonner had proven themselves for exceptional workmanship in their previous releases, fans held them at a higher standard than Mattel or DC Direct. The addition of glitter gave the doll a “kids toy” vibe that these dolls shouldn’t have since most of them are going straight to adult collectors. Satin or a non-glittery faux red leather would have been a much better choice.

As we move down we see another improvement over the original…the belt. It’s faux gold leather with a snap closure and it’s trimmed with a gold cord. The lasso hangs at her side and it’s just the right thickness to be in scale.

The bracelets this time are comic accurate. Since Tonner used faux silver leather with their original porcelain WW back in 1998/99, this wasn’t too much of a shock to the system. They’re trimmed with silver thread accents and are held in place with velcro. Once put on her arms they look great and the velcro doesn’t push the fabric out too much.

The briefs are made from a shiny faux blue leather with screenprinted stars.

The boots, while constructed just as awesome as Tonner’s other foot gear, would have been a homerun if a different material had been used instead of the glitter.


Now on to the cape.

It measures 15″ tall by about 31″ wide! The outside is made of panels of red, white and blue with screen printed stars. Lined with gold lame’ and is held in place by a star shaped clasp at the neck.

She looks so much better displayed with the cape!

Would I recommend her to another collector? Of course! Despite the improvements made on the entire package and the wonderful construction on the pattern, the choice of adding glitter brings an otherwise “great” doll down to just “good” but overall she’s a nice display piece.

So far only one other 17″ WW has been produced and we’ll take a look at her next time as well as 2 other companion dolls. Join me next time as we take a look at the 2009 Tonner Convention exclusive “Athena’s Champion”, “Circe” and little Betsy McCall.




6 responses to “Wonder Woman Part 8: 17″ Deluxe Women of Power – by Jason Wright

  1. I have loved the Tonner Wonder Woman dolls ever since I first couldn’t afford the porcelain version being sold at the WB stores…lol.. I have been able to one of the lucky ones to add the entire line to my collection (except for that elusive Office Savvy outfit). I think that these guys have been doing a great job with all the different versions and interpretations that they have produced so far, and yes that even includes “the glitter issue”. However I will say it would be nice to transition in to another fabric choice in place of the glitter….I think we have enough in the collection. I would love to see more of a leather like fabric used for the bodice but especially the boots! Thanks for the fun collection of Wonder dolls…..and please, keep them coming!!!

    1. Agreed 100%. Different materials are needed for future WW releases in her standard outfit. The outfit does catch the light and makes her pretty, but WW doesn’t wear glitter. I hope one day we’ll get an accurate WW doll without glitter and all the bugs worked out. Despite the size changes (13″, 17″, 22″) we’ve had the same doll made three times with the only change being the material in the briefs and a new breastplate.

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