Wonder Woman Part 6: Diana of Themyscira – by Jason Wright

Guest Post

Here we are again friends, part 6 in a continuing series looking back at Tonner’s line of Wonder Woman dolls through the years!

For those of you keeping score, we’ve taken a look back at Tonner’s first attempt in porcelain with PART 1. Examined the beginning of the DC Stars line in PART 2, alongside outfit options (and limited edition Amazon Princess) in PART 3. We’ve also seen our heroine as an Amazonian Warrior in PART 4, and the limited exclusive called the Justice Protector in PART 5. With the exception of the 19″ porcelain and the very first 16″ DC Stars release, all are Tonner original designs that haven’t appeared in any of the comics or other media in which WW has appeared.

This time we take a look at “Diana of Themyscira”, Tonner’s 2nd WW release of 2008 with yet another original design, but this time with a twist. Tonner took what they’re famous for, high fashion, and blended it with their now successful character figure line giving birth to “The Women of Power” sub-series under the DC Stars banner. The series had 4 other dolls: Poison Ivy, Black Canary, Kara of Krypton (Supergirl) and Mera, Queen of Atlantis, and featured couture evening gowns all designed around one espect of their original super hero (or in the case of Poison Ivy, super villian) outfit. Each doll was limited to only 200 pieces each worldwide with an original retail price of $159.99 and sold exclusively through Tonnerdirect.com.

“Diana of Themyscira” (Themyscira is the official name of her island home Paradise Island) uses the same 16″ original bendy-wrist Tyler fashion body with the bloom skintone just like all the rest but this time with a noticeable difference. She’s the first Tonner WW (and so far the only) to have side glancing eyes. They’re enhanced with blue eye shadow which gives this doll a more distinctive look which makes her stand out from previous releases.

Her hair is in a long spiral perm gathered together in a dramatic updo. I like the spiral curls that fall on her shoulders, very, very nice.

This doll comes with jewelry. A necklace and a pair of earrings which are individual enamel stars in yellow, blue and red all hung from gold tone chains. As I mentioned in a previous post, I rarely use earrings with my dolls unless they’re already inserted so I opted not to use them this time but I’ve included a photo to give you a good look.

I did attach the necklace, which was a bit of a challenge trying to keep the clasp open long enough to get it attached and not getting the chain tangled. I love this necklace, it’s one of Tonner’s best, but the length at which it’s cut causes the entire thing to fall right between her breasts. Ouch!!! Sharp points!! She’s an Amazon and can beat Superman in a fight so I guess she can withstand a few sticks from her jewelry, but still I’d like to be able to see it. It won’t stay in place no matter what I do. Oh well..

As we go down a little bit we see Diana’s belt. I chuckled the first time I saw this because my first thought was that it looked like a World Wide Wrestling Championship Belt. I guess she’s been moonlighting and wants to show off her award! It’s made of faux gold leather with an embroidered =w= logo. It looks great and I wish Tonner had done this with the logo on the first release. It’s trimmed with small gold tone beads and snaps together in the back.

She’s not wearing her traditional bracelets, but a set of snap-on gauntlets made out of the same faux gold leather trimmed with gold tone beads. The look is enhanced with slip on sleeves made from white and red satin that matches the gown.

As mentioned above, Tonner took one aspect of each character’s original outfit and spun a design out of it. In Wonder Woman’s case, they got their inspiration from one of her iconic red boots with the white trim. Personally, I think this is the most inspired fashion out of the entire series so far and the gown is my favorite part of this doll. It’s made out of red satin with a bold white stripe running from the neck all the way down to the floor. It’s attached at the neck with white satin stripes with a snap enclosure.

It was hard to tell based on the prototype pictures, but this gown also has a train in the back to die for, I love it!!

The shoes are a pair of red slingbacks with a white sole, and just like all the other Tonner WW footwear, they’re a homerun.

So, here we are again, another release which makes 4 dolls after the original DC Stars WW and no sign of anything based on the comic books. Great designs all around, but collectors were beginning to wonder if there was any hope that we’d see anything else besides Tonner doing their own thing. Little did we know that Tonner had something up their sleeve that would change all of that very, very soon.

Join me next time as Tonner takes a storyline directly from WW’s comics and spins it into the most coveted (as of this writing) Wonder Woman item ever: The FAO Schwarz Limited Edition Trunk Set!






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