Wonder Woman Part 10: 13″ Wonder Woman and Artemis by Jason Wright

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Here we are again with Part 10 in our look back at Tonner’s line of Wonder Woman dolls. This time we’re taking a look at the 13″ Wonder Woman and her rival/friend Artemis. And once again here’s a rundown of where we’ve been

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PART 3: 16″ Amazonian Princess doll and outfit, Office Savvy outfit
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PART 6: 16″ Diana of Themyscira “Women of Power”
PART 7: FAO Schwarz Trunk Set
PART 8: 17″ Deluxe Wonder Woman.
PART 9: 17″ Athena’s Champion, Circe, and Betsy McCall

In late 2010 Tonner introduced a new line of 13″ DC Stars by offering Wonder Woman and Supergirl as the first in the series, just like the debut of the maineline 16″ DC Stars back in 2007. This series uses a scaled down 13″ version of their popular “Antoinette” body and features better articulation than the standard Tyler body. Tonner added extra versatility with this series because it uses the same body as their 13″ “Revlon” fashion line which features dressed dolls and individual outfits. So, if you pick up any of the hero dolls you have a means to redress them in any way you like.

13" Prototype Pic by Tonner

This line uses the same head sculpt on every doll, the “heroine”. Different looks have been achieved with different hair color/style and slight variations in the facepaint. I really like this concept since it gives a uniform “look” to the line and makes this the closest thing that Tonner has come to making a series of action figures that are in scale with figures from other manufacturers. They compliment other lines beautifully, mostly the now defunct 1:6 13″ Deluxe figures by DC Direct (another favorite series of mine!)

Wonder Woman has a limited run of 1000 pieces and an original retail of $139.99. She has the bloom skintone and comes complete with a stand. Right off the bat I was struck by how much better the production doll looks compared the prototype. You would think that since this is a smaller doll, shortcuts would have been made, but that’s not the case here. The facepaint is just as detailed as a 16″ or 17″ doll and the quality is up to standard. It’s so impressive to see a smaller scale Tonner doll with this amount of detail.

The massive amount of curly raven hair used on her is staggering once the hairnet is removed. Her tiara is attached to her head, and once again I’d like to have the option of putting it on myself. It’s beautifully sculpted but a little big for her head and I’m not sure if it can be put back without any trouble since I haven’t redressed mine.

She comes with a set of red ball earrings and this is a very rare occasion that I used them. I couldn’t help not to this time so I went ahead and inserted them. They’re a nice little addition to her look and I’m pleased that on a smaller scale Tonner’s attention to detail is still here.

The outfit is a scaled down version of the 17″ Deluxe we saw a year earlier but this time she has cotton briefs and a remolded breastplate. The same material used on the bodice of the 17″ has been used here. I think this fabric works best on a larger scale since it’s a little bulky here but not so much that it’s a problem. It works as a good anchor for the plastic emblem.

I like the belt, and it’s made from a thinner glittery gold material trimmed with gold cord and snaps nicely around the waist. Given the bulkiness of the red bodice a thicker material for the belt would have been a mistake and would have added unwanted girth to her waist. Her lasso of truth hangs at her side and is the same type of cord used on DC Direct action figures. I think it’s just the right thickness and is in scale with the figure, I just wish that more had been used. It looks like a little loop of string instead of a full lasso because not enough of it was looped to her side.

Her bracelets are made from faux silver leather and are trimmed with silver thread. The velcro used to keep them in place adds extra thickness to the bracelets and makes them look oversized. Thinner velcro, Tiny metal cuffs or molded plastic would have been a better alternative.

The boots are made from the same material from the bodice so everything matches perfectly. Since this is a different body sculpt, naturally the feet are different. I like the arch of the foot on this doll and the boots reflect the change. Overall they’re very nice and they zip up the back. I’m always on guard about blowing out a zipper and I was here too, but no problems getting them on.

I can’t review the 13″ Wonder Woman without giving her credit for her guest starring appearance in the 2011 Wonder Woman Pilot from NBC. She appeared on screen with the star, Adrianne Palicki in a somewhat altered form but her presence is a critical plot point in the story. This version of Wonder Woman funds her crime fighting organization with the sale of WW merchandise and her doll is the centerpiece of all that. Even though NBC decided to pass on the series, it was nice to see a Tonner doll (especially WW) appear in a scene.

Now, we come to Artemis……….

Just a little background for those of you who don’t know her. (You really didn’t think you’d read one of my reviews without a comic book flashback did you? LOL!! That’s okay, if you already know who she is you can skip this part and scroll on down to the doll pics, the rest of us will be along in a minute!)

Artemis was first introduced back in 1994 in a storyline called the “Contest” where Hippolyta (WW’s mom) began having visions that Wonder Woman would die in battle. She called for another “contest” to crown a new WW claiming that Diana’s mission in the outside world was a failure (all the while keeping her visions a secret).

Through magical manipulation, Hippolyta rigged the contest in Artemis’ favor and she became Wonder Woman. She wore the tiara for a short period of time before being killed in battle with the White Magician making Hippolyta’s vision a reality. Not long after that she was resurrected (in comics nobody stays dead) and has become one of Wonder Woman’s most popular supporting cast members.

Artemis is a 2010 New York Comic Con Exclusive with a very limited production run of only 200 pieces with an original retail of 139.99. A stand and certificate of authenticity is also included. She was later offered for sale on Tonnerdirect individually or in a specially priced deal that included WW and Supergirl before selling out. She’s wearing an outfit taken directly from the comics and it was also used in the animated direct to dvd “Wonder Woman” movie.

As noted above, she has the same facial sculpt as all the other 13″ DC Stars and has the bloom skintone. She’s a rare exception when it comes to Tonner dolls since all of her accessories were already put on her (including her earrings). I like that since it saved me the trouble of trying to insert them. She has waist length red hair wrapped up in a ponytail with a gold hair accesory keeping it into place. She also has bangs that part in the middle and she’s wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings. Her belly shirt is black pvc with a gold faux leather collar.

She’s wearing sheer harem pants (no underwear) with a black chiffon panel in the front attached by brown and gold belts.

Brown and gold bracelets adorn each wrist and she has a tattoo on one bicep while on the other an armband.

Her footwear is a pair of sandals made from faux brown leather and have a wedge built into them to accomidate dolls with fashion feet and zip up the back.

Now that we have the reviews for both dolls out of the way I want to show how much fun they are. Really, Tonner has put the “action” in action figure with these. So…without further ado: AMAZON SMACKDOWN – TONNER STYLE!!!

So there you have it, two highly recommended dolls if you get a chance to buy one or the other. This series shows a lot of promise and I hope we see more in the future.

Next we’ll take a detour as we look at Wonder Woman’s little sis, Donna Troy in her role as Wonder Girl and the new 16″ hero body.



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      1. Hi, do you happen to still have this 13 inch Tonner Wonder woman, and if so, would you ever consider selling her?

  1. JASON! OH-THE BATTLE CRY! I love it; absolutely astounding choreography.
    I truly love these dolls, my only issue is, like the 17″ deluxe, the heads are out of proportion which directly affects their playtime with other 13″ heroes. But if Tonner has shown us anything, it’s that Diana gets prime treatment and functionality and design improves every wave! HOLA! MAY THE GLORY OF GAEA BE WITH US! xox S

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