Retro Review: Wonder Woman 3 – Amazon Princess & Office Savvy by Jason Wright

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Hello again, and welcome to part 3 in our look back at Tonner’s Wonder Woman dolls!

In PART 1 we took a look at Tonner’s very first attempt at WW, the 19″ porcelain. In PART 2 we examined Tonner’s first 16″ WW based on Tyler’s first “bendy-wrist” fashion body. This installment will focus on the outfits that were offered at the same time as the DC Stars debut: “Office Savvy”, and “Amazon Princess” as well as the San Diego Comic Con 2007 Exclusive that wore the same outfit.

Amazon Princess Prototype Pic by Tonner
Office Savvy Prototype pic by Tonner

Both outfits were offered to coincide with the release of the DC Stars line, and while not officially labeled as Wonder Woman outfits, they were packaged in boxes bearing the DC Stars logo and were modeled by the same WW prototype doll. As noted last time, Supergirl was offered simutaneously with WW and she had her own outfits as well: “Kryptonian Casual” and “Casual Identity” which were modeled by a Supergirl doll (a brown haired version never released) as well. Also of note is that the Supergirl outfits were intended for use with Supergirl and not WW based on the fact that Supergirl is a flat-footed doll and both outfits included footwear for a flat-footed doll. Not to mention WW isn’t Kryptonian.

At this point in time I wasn’t a doll collector although I did go back to the comic book store and bought Supergirl because I was so impressed with WW. I was tickled pink to have her and the outfits didn’t interest me at the time. Even today I’d rather have a dressed doll but if the outfit really knocks my socks off I’ll bite the bullet and buy one.

The “Amazon Princess” outfit had a production run of 1,500 pieces and a suggested retail of $99.99. Although Diana (WW) has worn royal robes in the comics this outfit is a Tonner original design. I had absolutely no intention of ever owning this look, but the following Summer after I purchased my WW, Tonner announced that they were to offer a very limited edition of her for the 2007 San Diego Comic Con. Comic Con (as it’s known for short) is the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world. It’s very common for vendors who have a booth to offer an exclusive edition of whatever product they have to entice fans to attend. It’s sort of a reward for showing up. I’ve never been able to attend, but after many years of being a comic and action figure collector there were always items that I “had to have”. More often than not, I had to depend on other convention goers to obtain what I wanted and this year it turned out to be another Tonner WW doll! After the convention, to my relief, remaining product was offered on Tonnerdirect and I quickly placed my order.

She’s named “Amazon Princess” just like the individual outfit which is identical in every way. The doll has a very limited run of 250 pieces and cost $189.99. Sure, I could have saved money and just bought the outfit alone, but a dressed doll always gets my attention first and I’m not really an outfit collector.

She has the same sculpt as the first release WW and the only variation on the actual nude doll is the way the hair is set. The first regular release has a part in the middle and spiral curls. Amazon Princess also has a part in the middle and spiral curls but the hair is gathered a little on each side of the top of her head close to the part so her hair lays flat to allow the headpiece to fit.

Please note that this doll and the individual outfit did not include earrings, but she has enough added details that you don’t need them. The headpiece is a loop of gold tone metal pieces with multi-color jewel insets strung together. You can style it like WW’s regular tiara with only the front part showing or you can just place it on top of the hair. The necklace is a jewel encrusted gold tone chain. The belt is a series of gold metal with jewel insets with gold coins lining the bottom. Her gown is white chiffon with an attached cape, off the shoulder sleeves and straps. She has a pair of hose and gold panties underneath. Gold coin accents are attached at the sleeve and the cape. The gown is complimented with seperate nude sleeves with gold cord accent.

Her look is finished with gold cut-out boots with a zipper up the back. Despite not being an outfit that’s accurate to the comic, I love everything about this outfit. It’s truly something that WW would wear while visiting Paradise Island!


Next we have Office Savvy. The ouftit had a production run of 1,000 and a suggested retail price of $74.99.

I didn’t buy the outfit seperate. I saw a seller on ebay selling one already on a WW doll and since I didn’t have a “Diana Prince” in my collection I decided to pick this up. Like I said up above, a dressed doll will get my attention before I’ll buy just an outfit and I’m prone to buy on impulse if the price is right. With this doll and outfit combined it was quite a deal considering the original retail of both. It was a deal too good to pass up.

This outfit is fabulous from top to bottom and I highly recommend it if you’re considering buying one. The earrings that came with mine are not original (the seller replaced them with pink rhinestones) but as far as I could tell they were round, black, and dangly. I prefer the rhinestones myself.

The rest of the outfit is complete and original and consists of a pink sleeveless bodysuit and black skirt. She wears a black overcoat with pink polka-dots and it’s lined with pink satin. A pair of hose are included as well as a pink faux leather handbag. Pink and black shoes finish out the outfit. Again, I love everything about this and I have no complaints.

So, there we go! DC stars debuted with Wonder Woman in her classic outfit alongside outfit options for her sercret identity and her royal robes on Paradise Island!

Next time: Amazonian Warrior!!



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