Fantastic Wonder Woman Remix Video – Get your Wonder Woman on

Wonder Woman Mix

Jason Wright who has been producing a detailed and enthralling Tonner Wonder Woman in review series, the fourth part of which we published today, posted this riveting Wonder Woman YouTube on our Facebook wall. Definitely worth something to share with our Wonder Woman blog readers.

Wonder Woman in the Air for Tonner

Of course Wonder Woman is in the air for Tonner Doll with our May Convention coming up and a much-anticipated Wonder Woman breakout event: “Amazonia”

Cover Wonder Woman: Amazonia (1997). Art by Phil Winslade.

You can read a few fan reviews of the original “Wonder Woman: Amazonia” here on Amazon.

Our event: Saturday, May 19, 2012 12noon:  “Amazonia” – Breakout Event

If you haven’t registered for our Chicago May convention you can do so here.

Or browse our DC Stars Collection:


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