Marvel and More: PJ Party, FaSHOEnation Workshop, Masquerade Madness and PJ Party!!

Good Morning, Convention followers!  Let’s get down to business:  Marvel Madness!!  Let’s kick things off with what you’ve been waiting for:

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier

It’s Captain America!  And another super hero made an appearance:

Tonner Staffer Laura Domholt as Pheonix

Wow, right?  You just never know who’s going to make an appearance at a Tonner Convention!  The presentation for this event was very insightful.  What we explored during the presentation was the collateral damage that often occurs in comic books. It was given by 2 authorities on the law:  lawyers!  They gave us a real bird’s eye view into who would pay for the collateral damage, and how it would be pursued. Who would be held responsible?  How would you get the responsible party to pay, since often super heros have an alter ego?  For example, who would ultimately be responsible for collateral damage:  Superman or Clark Kent?  What laws would apply?  It was very interesting, and certainly got our wheels turning!

Here’s some more fun:

Team Tonner

Marvel Fans!

Fun for all ages!

For more Marvel pics, click HERE!

We also stopped by the Raffle Room!  Check out all the amazing treasures that collectors were vying for:

We must say, the competition was FIERCE this year!  There were loads and loads of photos and tons of OOAKs! It was truly a sight to behold!  Check it out:

After lunch, we went to the FaSHOEnation Workshop, presented by Jay Barrett!  Jay hails all the way from Australia, and gave a fabulous how-to on making shoes for your dolls!  We  made an open-toed sandle and you could choose which doll you wanted to make them for.

Jay Barrett shows off a Tyler-inspired boot he made.

Shoe Workshop

More Shoe Fun!

The shoemaker!

Onto the Masqerade Ball!  First and foremost, let’s get to the centerpiece:

The Masquerade Table Centerpiece

The Masquerade Table Centerpiece

One of the most elaborate centerpieces yet!  All three lovelies are sitting atop a golden shoe!  Collectors were loving it.  There was a very special souvenir this year:  A Fantasy Masquerade Gift Set:  Sydney Chase.  Watch as the collectors see it for the first time:

Tonner Staffers look the part!

The costumes worn by collectors were AMAZING!!

Wow! Ahoy, land lubbers!

Crazy cool!

The band at the event was so amazing, people were getting DOWN!  You simply couldn’t get us off the dance floor!

Dancin', Dancin'!

So sweet!

Boy, was that dance floor packed!

When it came time for the PJ Party people were ready to dance!  The raffle was a huge success, and there were LOADS of prizes.  So much so that the giveaways lasted an hour and a half!  After we wrapped up the giveaways, the dancing commenced!  We all hopped onto the dance floor and kicked off the party with the Electric Slide.  Nearly everybody was on the dance floor, and…. well let’s just say it was a late night.

Electric Slide!

Jennifer Perski and little son Will

PJ Party Extravaganza!

Coming next:  The Scrumdittlyumptious Breakfast!!

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  1. Of course, the dolls are fabulous! I am so happy for all attendees–everyone had a ball!! :-)

  2. SO nice to see my Prego angel, Jennifer Perski and her adorable son Will!! THANK YOU JEN! :-)

    • Jennifer and Will are an absolute delight! They are among our most loyal collectors! (you are, too!)

      Team Tonner

  3. Are there any pictures of the Ellowynes posted anywhere?

    • Hi Terri!
      There is a few in the Saturday Masquerade Blog Post! Hope you’ve enjoyed virtually attending the convention, and thank you for your continued support! You always give us shout-outs on your blog, and it doesn’t go unnoticed! Thank you for a great 20 years!

      Team Tonner

  4. My Ellowyne arrived today. I love her and her beautiful fashion.

    • Hi again Terri,

      Oh we’re so happy you like! I think she loves you, too…. :)

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