Displaying Your Collection – Part II








Sorry my post is a day late.  My computer decided it needed a vacation and it was non-functioning for three days.  Finally back up and running.  So here is the second  post on displaying your collection.

Last week I talked about display cabinets, dolls at work, and museum type collections.  One of the easiest and most used ways to display dolls is in the photo above.  Shelving.  You can arrange any way you want, you can keep adding shelves, and they come in hundreds of designs and methods of hanging.  My wish has always been to have a shelf, about 20″ down from the ceiling and one continuous shelf all around the room!

Some people put as many dolls as they can into a space.  I call this a “tight” display.

and on the other side is of course a “loose” collection.

Take up as much room as you want in your display.





A great way to show off your collection is by way of a vignette.  The dictionary defines it as follows:

a decorative design or small illustration used on the title page of a book or at the beginning or end of a chapter.  You can see where it developed in small scenes to display your items.  You can have vignettes on a shelf, in a cabinet, or perhaps a shadowbox made especially for the scene.  Here is an image I found online with some great antique dolls.






However you choose to display your dolls, I encourage everyone to do just that – display your dolls!  You can change the display seasonally, or perhaps with every new holiday, or color theme, or one of a hundred different ways.  Make it fun – make it yours  🙂

Next week’s blog – what I like to call – The Thrill of the Hunt!

Have a great week!


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