When you blog…..

In addition to being a Dollaholic™, I am also a tech junkie.  My DH and I are definitely early adopters in the tech world and I like to stay in the know on all things tech.  From time to time when I find something of interest, I will blog so we can all stay informed.

First Tip is with regard to blogging.  It is definitely becoming a type of communication that is spreading.  So, when I realized I was getting some weird comments on my blog, I investigated.

If you are a new blogger like I am, anytime you get a comment on your blog you get very excited!  However, please be careful when approving comments from people that are not already approved as a subscriber.  If you see a comment made in response to your blog, and it’s very generic like “Great post”  or “Very insightful” or something equally as flattering, you can almost be certain it’s spam.  If there is no mention of your particular blog subject in the comment, delete it as spam.  Yes, spammers have gotten to blogs too.  Sometimes it’s even an advertisement.

So read the comments carefully before approving – because once you allow someone’s comments, they can submit anything after that without asking to be approved.  You may end up with a lot of unwanted spam on your blog.

And that’s today’s tech tip!



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