The Summer of Heroes: Green Lantern, X-Men, and Thor & MORE!

Save Me!

I need a hero!  I’m holding out for a hero til the end of the night.  And he’s gotta be strong.  And he’s gotta be fast.  And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight. I need a hero…!

Oh.  Sorry, back from a little karaoke reverie.  And, Bonnie Tyler, good news:  You can find heroes o’plenty this summer at the box office!  This summer is packed to the gills with some of the greatest action films we’ve seen in quite a long time.  In fact, here at Tonner, we’re calling it The Summer of Heroes.

Right?  Because it all started with Thor in May, as the first blockbuster that hammered out of the gates (pun totally intended!).  Chris Hemsworth plays the title role, and the film is directed by the infamous Kenneth Branagh.  It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘getting hammered‘.  Again, pun totally intended.  Ok, we’ll stop.  Marvel mania!

After that, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides.  The fourth film in the franchise, On Stranger Tides takes us on a search for the fountain of youth, and is loosely based on a book written by Tim Powers of the same name.  As director Rob Marshall mans this ship, buccaneers Ian McShane and Penelope Cruz also are in the fray.

Also extremely noteworthy is X-Men:  First Class.   Starring Kevin Bacon, James McAvoy, and January Jones, among others, and this film is directed by Matthew Vaughn.  Vaughn tosses the plot together a bit, but wonderfully establishes and defines the characters in ways that have not been done before, and the action takes place in unqiue settings.  This could not have been pulled off without such a strong cast, we would think.  Put it on this list!

Soon there will be DC Comics Green Lantern.  Ryan Reynolds, anyone?  Um, yes please!  Plus, this film is directed by Martin Campbell, who directed the 2 most financially successful of the recent Bond works, as well as Zorro.  So, yeah, he’s well-versed in the life of a hero.  The all-star cast including Angela Bassett, Blake Lively, and Tim Robbins, is sure to be a treat!

Not to mention Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part II.  Ok, we’ll mention it.  The 8th and final movie about Harry and his Hogwarts is directed by David Yates, for the third time.  There’s always something magical about the number 3, and we’re certain this will be no exception.  It’s going to be very hard to say goodbye to these endearing characters, but at least they are forever immortalized in film, and thanks to JK Rowling, in the written word, too.  And now, we’d like to ask for a moment of silence, as we think of the great sadness and loss Warner Bros is sure to feel, as their most lucrative film franchise ever draws to a close….

And certainly, we’d be remiss to leave out The First Avenger:  Captain America.  Marvel’s second big  blockbuster of the summer features none other than the heroically handsome Chris Evans.  Here’s some even better news:  This is the first of 9 films Marvel will produce with Captain America as the title character.  Yep, and Chris Evans is signed to every single one of them!  Directed by Joe Johnston, this film will also feature Hugo Weaving and Samuel L. Jackson, as Nick Fury!  This film also intends to build upon the highly anticipated Avengers film, due out in 2012.

And, of course, there will be Transformers 3….  Michael Bay has collected the ol’ crew for this one: Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhmel will return to this sequel.  Newcomers include John Malkovich and Frances McDormand, and we’re feeling strongly that this film is sure to include some pretty big robots trying to destroy each other…

One of the more interesting prospects we’ve found includes a film directed by Jon Favreau (he also directed the first Iron Man…we LOVE him!) called Cowboys and Aliens.  This comic adaptation blends sci-fi and western themes, and will star two HUGELY heroic actors:  Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.  The prevailing pair will attempt to battle an alien invasion in the 1800s, and we’re told Olivia Wilde also makes an appearance.  Popcorn, anyone?

And lest we forget:  The Twilight Saga continues, with Breaking Dawn, Part I, in which the Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.  Oh, Edward!  As per usual, this flick stars Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stuart, and Dakota Fanning will make a re-appearance, as well. Due out this fall, it’s not necessarily a ‘summer’ blockbuster, but someone would certainly have our heads if we didn’t mention it.  It is one of the most anticipated films of the year, for sure.

Guess what else?   There’s even heroic, action-packed stuff out there for kids, such as Cars 2:  World Grand Prix and Spy Kids 4:  Armageddon.  Not to mention Smurfs:  3D!  That’s going to be a cool flick, even for grownups.  Raja Gosnell, from Scooby Doo fame, will be at the helm of this incredible CGI creature feature, and sources tell us that Hank Azaria will appear in a villainous fashion….not to be missed!   A little something for everybody!

Just like Tonner dolls.  So, now what we want you to do is to go to the movies, and tell us what hero/heroes you’d like us to bring to life!  Consider it the most fun homework you’ve ever had.

We know, we know:  so much inspiration, so little time!  See you all at the movies!

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  1. I’d like to see Penélope Cruz as Angelica made into a doll, and also Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Syrena the Mermaid.

    • Hi there Charles! Here’s some great news for you: There will be 2 dolls added this year to the Pirates of the Caribbean line! We don’t want to give away the surprise, but we think you’ll be delighted. Thanks very much for leaving a comment and supporting our blog!

      Team Tonner

  2. Thor! I’d love to have a Tonner Thor! He’s my new favorite superhero. Hook me up, Tonner Direct! And really, I’d love to have at least a partial set of Avengers to go with him. We’ve got a Captain A, what about Tony Stark?

    • Hi Rochelle!

      Thanks for the feedback! Thor has been added to the suggestion box, as per your delightful request! So have you seen the movie yet??

      Team Tonner

    • Hi again, Rochelle,

      Also, Tony Stark WOULD be amazing. Especially if it was RDJ’s likeness. :)

      Team Tonner

  3. Hello guys I would love to see more Harry Potter tinned dolls I would like Draco in the suit. His mom narcissa,tonks, serious black the new dumbledore, the twins Fred and George as a set, death eater, Neville, and a few more. I love the ones that are out now. I Like x-men and to see x-men first class.all those characters are great. How exciting

  4. Please! Please! Please!!! Make a Narcissa Malfoy doll. I love her so much, and it’s so hard to find merchandise of that Harry Potter character. I know it would mean so unbelievably much to me and all the other Narcissa fans out there who have been looking for something really special of her, to add to their collections.

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      Thanks for the suggestion! There’s no doubt about it: She would make a terrific Tonner doll, and would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s Harry Potter collection. We NEVER say never here at Tonner, and it’s been duly noted! Thanks again!


      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

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