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  • Carmen and Carmen.

    #TonnerCon: New York Times with Carmen & Tyler – Tonner Doll Company

    It was the best of times, and the worst of times.  It was the New York Times!  What a fashionable bunch of people – everyone turned out in their cocktail finery for this fabulous occasion, as we toasted two major fashion icons:  Carmen Dell’Orefice, who happened to also be our very special guest for the […]

  • Debbie and Sue man the Raffle Room.

    #TonnerCon: Afternoon Tour de Force – Tonner Doll Company

    Scurry, scurry, scurry!  Off to the Raffle Room – This is always incredible to see.  First of all, a lot of work goes into setting it up nice and proper, and Team Raffle is… da bomb!  They had everything staged so beautifully, each and every raffle item looked beyond enticing.  It’s always fun to see […]

  • Our hats off to you!

    Wilde Times at #TonnerCon – Tonner Doll Company

    Our collectors sure know how to have a Wilde Time – we tip our hats to them!  Today’s Wilde Imagination brunch was filled to the brim with fun.  Attendees were asked to don their most favorite hats for a hat contest, and there were lids o’plenty.  A sea of lids, if you will.  I digress.  […]

  • The Sales Room line-up!

    #TonnerCon: Good Morning Chicago! – Tonner Doll Company

    Good morning Chicago and beyond!  After a GREAT night sleep, we’re bright-eyed and bushy tailed, especially after the astounding Grand Opening of the Tonner & Wilde Sales Room!  This is always an exciting part of the convention – many Doll Lovers get there bright and early (or camp out the night before!) to secure their […]

  • Team Tonner Looking sharp!

    #TonnerCon: Ice Cream Social Welcome – Tonner Doll Company

    I scream!  You scream!  We all SCREAM for ice cream!  Victorian Times, the kick-off of TonnerCon, was a grand ice cream social, with heaps of sweet, decadent ice cream with loads of fun toppings, satisfying every single sweet tooth in the house.  Team Tonner was dressed in their finest Victorian garb, wearing red striped vests […]

  • IMG_0247

    #TonnerCon: Registration is OPEN! – Tonner Doll Company

    Coming to you LIVE from the 2014 Tonner Convention!  Festivities are officially under way, as registration kicked off at 2pm today.  Attendees flooded in to pick up their registration packets and were immediately reunited with old friends.  Reunited… and it feels so good!  Check out this year’s convention bag – it’s got two doll sleeves […]

  • Jen and Michelle tending to Sales Room Set-up!

    #TonnerCon: Good Morning Sunshine! – Tonner Doll Company

    Up and at ‘em early today – you know what they say about the early bird!  We’ve seen many collectors roaming about the hotel already, and let me tell you:  the excitement is palpable!  Everyone is giddy seeing their old friends and Team Tonner, and really seem to be looking forward to seeing what we […]

  • Team Tonner getting ready for the weekend - all smiles!

    #TonnerCon: We’re Here! – Tonner Doll Company

    We are here!  We are HERE!  Working our fingers to the bone in preparation for this weekend’s festivities.  Unloading, unpacking, staging, gathering, doll signing (not us, Robert!), set-up, registration prep and beyond!  A pallet here, a Tonner Staffer there, here a doll, there a doll, everywhere a doll DOLL! Be sure and check back tomorrow […]

  • Tonner Doll Fan Mail

    Tonner Doll Fan Mail

    Howdy, Tonner Lovers! Every day, we get so many letters and emails from collectors sharing their joy and excitement about their latest doll love.  It is incredibly touching for us, who work so hard to bring these dolls to life and to put them in your hands, and it’s this kind of thing that makes […]

  • T14DVDD04_2

    ICYMI: Tonner Doll’s Spring 2014 Deja vu Release

    The last week of March not only meant we were that much closer to experiencing Spring here in the Hudson Valley, but also saw our second Deja vu release to date.  Who’s up for a little recap, a blow by blow of the highlights? This release included some incredible dressed dolls and outfits.  No basics […]