My Life as a Doll Doctor – How it all started PART 2

        I have to thank all those collectors who called wanting more of what got me started in this life of Doll Doctoring. I was a bit surprised about how many memories were conjured up by collectors (and myself) after reading part one of my blog..and hope to once again bring you back to … Continued

My Life as a Doll Doctor- How it all started

        As promised….I am going to tell you how this entire “Doll-Doctor” thing got started. No… I did not decide in High School, talk to a career planner, or even realize I was destined to become a Doll Doc until I actually was one! I do however, think my Dad may have known … Continued


    (Disclaimer:  these are my personal thoughts – and do not represent the views of management or the thought behind the designs of Robert Tonner – who just so happens to be my boss  🙂 ) Just what does precarious mean?  According to one dictionary the definition of the word is “exposed to or … Continued

Brand New Effanbee Patsy!

We are just back from our 2012 May convention in Lombard, IL, and I just had to share!  Effanbee Doll has introduced a new Patsy for 2012.  She is the cutest thing ever!  She is on an articulated 10″ body so she can be posed in so many ways. I have always been a fan … Continued

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