Displaying Your Collection

    Collecting anything leads to the question – How do i display my precious items? There are as many answers to this question as there are types of collections.  So let’s just look at a few of the most used display ideas. This first example is from a museum.  Now you may say, “But … Continued

To Keep Boxed or to Debox; That Is the Question!

  My blog today is about doll boxes.  While in the beginning stages of my collecting obsession, I found a term used that I didn’t know – NRFB.  For you new collectors, the term means Never Removed From Box.  I couldn’t understand why anyone would have such a thing.  A doll – that was not … Continued

Christmas Doll Memories

No, this little cutie is not my Christmas Doll Memory, but I wanted to let you all know why I am a day late with my usual Tuesday blog.  This is my granddaughter, Lilly, who was born two days ago.  She weighed in at 8lbs. 5oz. 19″ long.  She joins her big brother, 2 1/2 … Continued

The Life of a Collection

    Happy Tuesday everyone! As promised, here is my next blog post about collecting. The Life of a Collection. If you’ve been a collector for a while, then you know that collections come in waves. You may start out collecting one type of doll, then see something else that catches your eye. So you … Continued

What is collecting?

    Hmmm…. Good question!  Now let’s see if I have a good answer 🙂 We have a saying around the office – if you have 3 of something, that constitutes a collection, and the owner would then of course be a collector (even though some don’t want to admit it).  A collection can be … Continued

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