HAPPY GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY to the Batman TV series The Batman TV series first aired on January 12, 1966.  It’s amazing that 50 years later the shows are still being shown.  There were only 3 years of the series, a total of 120 shows.  Adam West was Batman, and Burt Ward played Robin.  Check out Wikipedia’s … Continued

Johnny Depp – Movies, Dolls, and now Men’s Fragrance

      Johnny Depp – when you say his name you immediately think of all the successful movies he’s been in.  Pirates of the Caribbean,  Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – all of which are also character figures made by Tonner Doll Company.  (Check out the … Continued

Lady Action Launch Party!

Join us for a LADY ACTION Launch Party at the Tonner Collectors Convention  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! Register for the Lady Action Event Here!    British Superspy Lady Action – spun out of the nostalgic Captain Action comic book series with adventures all her own – takes TonnerCon by storm!     In 1966, Captain Action … Continued