BREAKING NEWS: LittleMissMatched QVC Special Date/Time Change!

Hello, Friends! We know you’re super excited about the brand new LittleMissMatched QVC Special coming up, and we are, too!  After all, this will be the debut of Tonner Toys and our LittleMissMatched Dolls, so there is much to be excited about! We just wanted to drop you all a line to update you on … Continued

Tonner’s Latest Release to be Unveiled Tomorrow

              There’s loads of buzz around our release tomorrow, and for good reason!  A few somethings that are certainly super special and terrific will be debuted, and we think, dear friends, you’ll be very pleased!  It’s very hard for us here at the Tonner headquarters to keep a lid on it … Continued

2011 Tonner Halloween Convention: Scary Tales – Events Announced!

Hey everyone!! Long time, no blog, right?  Well, I’ve been a very busy beaver with our new software system since the dawn of July, and things are just now begining to settle down for me…  So back to the fun stuff, like blogging! The Tonner Halloween Convention is almost upon us!  We know you all were … Continued

The Thrill of the Hunt

    So far, we’ve talked about what a collection is ,  box or no box, and displaying.  Today my post is about the Thrill of the Hunt.  If you are a true collector, you know what I’m talking about.   Finding those elusive rare dolls you want to put into those cabinets. My first … Continued

Displaying Your Collection – Part II

              Sorry my post is a day late.  My computer decided it needed a vacation and it was non-functioning for three days.  Finally back up and running.  So here is the second  post on displaying your collection. Last week I talked about display cabinets, dolls at work, and museum … Continued

Displaying Your Collection

    Collecting anything leads to the question – How do i display my precious items? There are as many answers to this question as there are types of collections.  So let’s just look at a few of the most used display ideas. This first example is from a museum.  Now you may say, “But … Continued

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