Party All Night Jon

2011 UFDC Exclusive: Party All Night Jon!

                      We had a very successful event at UFDC this year, and as you know, we recently made the UFDC Exclusives available on  All of these dolls are really special, as they are super exclusive with very limited edition sizes, but there is one … Continued


The Real Life Super Hero Project: Be Your Own Hero!

Across this wide, wide world, a movement has been gaining serious momentum.  It is a powerful movement, in which your regular Average Joe has taken up the call of duty, and  began to carry the burden of (anonymously) fighting for the greater good.  What do you mean, like, Super Heroes?, you ask. Well,… yeah.  Heard … Continued


Tonner’s Latest Release to be Unveiled Tomorrow

              There’s loads of buzz around our release tomorrow, and for good reason!  A few somethings that are certainly super special and terrific will be debuted, and we think, dear friends, you’ll be very pleased!  It’s very hard for us here at the Tonner headquarters to keep a lid on it … Continued

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