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  • tonner and lmm

    Tonner Doll and LittleMissMatched join hands – Tonner Toys

      Hey now, friends! Today we want to expand upon a topic we’ve lightly touched before: Tonner Toys! We’re gearing up for the launch of the debut project: the LittleMissMatched dolls! Now, we know you’ve got tons of reasons to be excited: Primarily, we love Robert Tonner and everything he creates. He is, after all, […]

  • Congrats Winners!

    …and the Winners of our YouTube Subscriber Drawing are..

    …CarbonSolo1, Tinkerpie1212, MSCTOMOMAN, Lady Chaos91374, and lkdenver!  These, of course are the youtube user names, and they are also the proud new owners of the 20 Years of Tonner Portfolio!  Winners:  You’ll be getting a private message to which you should reply with your shipping address. We just want to give a great big THANK […]

  • Meet us at the library... in the Tonner Reference section!

    The Very Root of Doll Collecting

    Hiya, all!  It’s my favorite time of day:  snack time!  Usually around 4pm or so, I prepare my snack (sliced cheese/fruit/unsalted almonds), and every other day I sit down to blog to my favorite Tonner Peeps (you!).   And no, I’m not ruining my dinner. Today, though, I’m trying something different:  I’m blogging as myself […]